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2000 Yamaha Venture enters the new millennium in style
Yamaha has introduced its all-new, special edition Venture MM Limited for 2000. The MM Limited comes equipped with all the features and comfort of the original full-dressed Venture, introduced last year, plus added style designed especially for the new millennium. The standard Venture also returns for Y2K.

Venture MM Limited
Equipped with the comfort, features and classic motorcycle feel of the Venture, the MM Limited has received head-turning styling cues for the new millennium. Each model has a trunk-mounted brass serial number plate, as well as MM emblems adorning the speedometer, fuel tank and both saddlebag hinges. Less than 1,500 of these gorgeous machines are slated for worldwide production, 1,000 of which will make their way to the USA.
The MM Limited also boasts upgrades that include modifications to the clock and speedometer housing, and an all-new collapsible antenna. The Venture MM Limited is available in Pearl White/Ivory and will be at dealerships nationwide in December 1999 at a manufacturers suggested retail price of $16,099. We think they'll venture off the showroom floor quickly.

This 79-cubic-inch V-Four full-dresser with plush touring features and classic style delivers confident long-distance performance and excellent rider comfort.

The retro-styled Venture produces a claimed 98 horsepower, and features a solid-mounted engine placed in an all-new frame. Fuel is fed by four large-bore 32mm carburetors. Also keeping things smooth in the engine bay is a vibration-reducing internal counterbalancer and a wide-ratio transmission with slightly changed internal gear ratios for lower rpm at highway speeds. One can count on logging quite a bit of highway time, thanks to the Venture's 6-gallon fuel tank that delivers a claimed touring range of more than 225 miles.

Luxury touring features include large, plush rider and passenger seats; full-size rider and passenger floorboards; spacious trunk and saddlebags with numerous storage compartments; AM/FM/cassette stereo (with optional CD upgrade availability), CB/intercom system (standard), and easy-to-use cruise control. The wide windshield, upper and lower cowling, and wind deflectors provide very good weather protection.

The 2000 Venture comes in Imperial Red/Salsa Red, and is available now at a manufacturers suggested retail price of $15,999 US.

Yamaha Motor Corporation, U.S.A., backs all Ventures with a bold premier customer support package which includes a five-year, unlimited mileage warranty and 24-hour roadside assistance. This package also features a 24-hour toll-free service line, 24-hour emergency towing, locksmith service, dealer locator service, trip interruption benefits and a customized trip planning service.

All members of the Royal Star Family are powered by a chromed and polished, liquid-cooled, 79-cubic-inch V-4 engine, equipped with four 28mm Mikuni carburetors and chrome exhaust pipes for optimized low-end performance. A low-maintenance shaft-drive system helps deliver a smooth ride.

Royal Star Tour Deluxe Royal Star Tour Classic Royal Star Boulevard

Riding the Royal Star at highway speeds is a joy, thanks in part to a transmission that features overdrive in both fourth and fifth gears, which reduces rpm, and thus vibration, at cruising speeds. Scrubbing those double-digit velocities is a triple-disc brake system, with four-pot calipers grabbing dual 298mm rotors up front and a 320mm single disc out back.

The Royal Star frame is constructed of large-diameter steel, with design specs allowing for a low seat height. Moving to the tail end, the rear subframe is positioned under the back fender to permit access to various mounting points should one desire additional customization options.

All three Royal Stars feature a 4.8-gallon, teardrop-style fuel tank (including a 0.9-gallon reserve) that delivers a claimed cruising range of more than 170 miles. Mounted on top of the tank is a classically styled, large-faced speedometer with an integrated display that includes a digital tripmeter and odometer; indicator lights for neutral, turns, high beams, fuel, low oil pressure; and a self-diagnosis warning light. A powerful 60/55-watt halogen headlight provides good night visibility and a maintenance-free battery ensures easy maintenance.

The 2000 Boulevard comes with a custom solo seat (with skirt, studs and conchos), pillion pad, Royal Star "Boulevard" windshield, leather windshield bag, passing lights, chrome saddlebag support bars and leather tank panel. This model comes in Onyx, and is available now at a manufacturer's suggested retail price of $13,949 US.

The 2000 Royal Star Tour Classic features whitewall tires, Tour Classic windshield, passing lamps, leather soft bags, plush touring seats, 4-into-2 chrome exhaust, a fifth-gear overdrive indicator light and a leather tank strap. For two-up cruising, the Tour Classic also includes a low, upright padded backrest. This model comes in Onyx, and is now available for a manufacturer's suggested retail price of $14,799 US.

The 2000 Royal Star Tour Deluxe is Yamaha's top-of-the-line Royal Star model, offering an adjustable Royal Star windshield, 4-into-2 chrome exhaust, color-matched hard saddlebags, a tall upright padded backrest, passenger seat and passenger floorboards. The Tour Deluxe comes in Onyx, and is available now at a manufacturer's suggested retail price of $15,199 US.

Yamaha Motor Corporation, U.S.A., backs all Royal Stars with a premier customer support package which includes a five-year, unlimited mileage warranty and 24-hour roadside assistance. This package also features a 24-hour toll-free service line, 24-hour emergency towing, locksmith service, dealer locator service, trip interruption benefits and a customized trip planning service.

Motorcycling's Largest Displacement V-Twin Cruiser
The 98-cubic-inch, pushrod, air-cooled, belt-driven, V-twin Road Star rumbles into the new millennium with a special-edition model, the Road Star MM Limited. The Road Star, Road Star Silverado and Road Star MM Limited cruise into the new century with the style and performance expected of Yamaha's cruiser line. The heart of the Road Star is still its 98-cubic-inch, 48-degree, air-cooled, pushrod V-twin engine that delivers a combination of subtle performance and character.

Road Star MM Limited
Named for the Roman numeral 2000, the MM Limited embodies classic American motorcycle styling with Star performance. Color changes to the instrument panel and headlight nacelle, coupled with whitewall tires and studded seats add to the nostalgic Road Star feeling. MM Limited logos and rear fender mounted brass serial number plates also bolster the Limited's exclusive (less than 1500 worldwide are slated for production, 1,000 to the US) appeal.

Road Star
Designed to maximize the riding experience with all the nostalgia of motorcycling's earliest roots. The Road Star's engine is designed to run at low rpm while cruising, providing a distinctive pulsing feel while pumping out excellent torque. This is achieved with a long stroke (113mm) engine configuration, immense crankshaft and pushrod valve actuation. The Road Star also has the lowest engine height of any large V-twin cruiser, further enhancing its long, low style and riding attitude.

Road Star Road Star Special Edition

Other engine features include forged lightweight pistons, ceramic-composite cylinder liners for improved cooling and durability, auto decompression for easy starting, semi-dry sump oil system, and a single 40mm Mikuni carburetor with throttle position sensor (TPS) and accelerator pump for strong throttle response.

The cruiser riding experience would be nothing without two key elements: the ability to customize and, above all, style. Yamaha's belt-drive system and deeply valanced steel fenders make for easy customization, while still providing the timeless feel of yesteryear. And should one want to add aftermarket pipes, the Road Star's dual-exhaust system makes it easy to swap out the stock units. Then, of course, there's the Silverado, Yamaha's casual touring version of the Road Star, which features leather saddlebags, studded seats and backrest, slightly wider and more comfortable handlebars, an adjustable windshield and classic whitewall tires.

Classic looks and feel notwithstanding, the Road Star is nonetheless a modern-day, high-tech machine. For instance, the instrument panel, encased in a retro-style housing, includes twin trip meters, clock, fuel meter, low fuel light, high beam, turn and neutral indicators. There's also a self-diagnosis system for the TPS, speed sensor and fuel sender.

Yamaha also offers more than 160 attractive Star Line accessories, including leather saddlebags, seats, billet chrome add-ons and several Road Star-spec windshield sizes specially designed to fit the Road Star.

The Road Star MM Limited comes in Pearl White, and will be available in dealerships nationwide starting January 2000 at a manufacturer's suggested retail price of $10,799 US.

The Road Star comes in Onyx, Crimson/Cherry Red and Deep Purple, with a manufacturer's suggested retail price of $10,599 US (Onyx and Deep Purple) and $10,699 US (Crimson/Cherry Red). The Road Star Silverado is available in Silver Mist/Charcoal Metallic and Cranberry Red at a manufacturer's suggested retail price of $12,199 US.

The Road Star comes with a one-year unlimited mileage warranty.

Yamaha Adds New Member to the V Star Family
The All New V Star 1100 Classic
(click here for ride review)

Following on the heels of last year's successful V Star 1100 introduction, Yamaha is announcing an all-new Classic to this successful family: the V Star 1100 Classic! Based closely on its V Star 1100 Custom sibling, the 1100 Classic is sure to be a great addition to the V Star line. With the 2000 V Star 1100 Classic's release, the V Star family rumbles into the new millennium totaling four models, including the 1100 Custom and the original two V Stars introduced in 1998, the 40-cubic-inch V Star Custom and V Star Classic.

V Star 1100 Classic
Although the basic engine and frame remain the same as that found on the 1100 Custom, changes to the 1100 Classic's chassis and instrument panel bring back that nostalgic feeling and make this bike stand out.

Deeply valanced front and rear fenders flare out at the rear, giving this new, large-capacity V-twin cruiser an unmistakably timeless quality. Up front there is a new, smaller-diameter 16-inch wheel fitted with a fat 130/90-16 tire, and the Classic's front fork is fitted with polished covers that emphasize the bike's massive appearance. A large circular chrome-shelled headlight, wide pullback bars, forward-mounted floorboards and a low seat with thicker padding were also added to further enhance the bike's classic look and feel. The new handlebars and seat not only embellish the 1100's retro styling, but also make for a comfortable natural riding position.

Modern-style instruments (with the 60-mph mark now situated at the speedometers top center) located on top of the teardrop tank and a new cruiser styled taillight assembly round out this package.

Yamaha's V Star 1100 Classic comes in Onyx and Sparkle Maroon/Ivory, and will be available in dealerships nationwide in December 1999 at a manufacturer's suggested retail price of $8,099 US and $8,199 US, respectively.

V Star 1100 Classic V Star 1100 Custom

V Star 1100 Custom
With a seat height of 27 inches and powerful 75-degree V-twin engine, the V Star 1100 Custom offers the best of both worlds. Inspired by the 1998 V Star Custom, the long and low V Star 1100 Custom features great styling, a rigid, full-size chassis, stable handling and strong power delivery.

The V Star's 65-cubic-inch (1100cc) engine features ceramic composite cylinder linings, forged pistons and carburized connecting rods for better reliability and performance. A single 37mm Mikuni carburetor with throttle position sensor (TIPS) help deliver crisp throttle response.

The V Star 1100 Custom offers all the benefits of the middleweight V Stars, like confidence-inspiring handling and ease of maintenance, with the added power of a big bore cruiser. Along with the extra muscle, Yamaha engineers improved the riding experience by adding dual disc brakes up front, and a split solo/tandem seat to give one the option of cruising the boulevard alone, or sharing the highway with a friend.

The V Star 1100 Custom comes in Onyx and Deep Purple, and is available now in dealerships nationwide at a manufacturer's suggested retail price of $7,899 US.

V Star Custom and Classic
The 40-cubic-inch, 70-degree V-twin V Star Custom and Classic are Yamaha's top-selling value-priced cruisers. Both maintain the build quality of their Royal Star siblings that includes such features as hydraulic disc brakes and large diameter steel frames. The 4.3-gallon teardrop fuel tank, including a 0.9-gallon reserve, gives the V Star Custom and V Star Classic the largest capacity in their class. Mounted atop the tank is a large-faced speedometer. A powerful 60/55-watt halogen headlight enhances night visibility and a maintenance-free battery ensures easy, dependable starting. And if one wishes to personalize his V Star, the possibilities are numerous thanks to the availability of more than 90 Genuine Yamaha accessories.

V Star Classic V Star Custom

With the user-friendly combination of a low seat height, smaller engine, affordable price and low maintenance, the V Star Custom and Classic are perfect for all levels of rider, and especially those with fewer years of riding experience. In fact, it's estimated that 15 to 17 percent of all V Star customers are first-time buyers.

The V Star Classic and Custom are available in two colors - Onyx or Cranberry Red/Cherry Red - and will be available in Yamaha dealerships worldwide in June 1999 at a manufacturers' US suggested retail price of $5,999 and $5,699, respectively.

All four V Stars feature full-size wheelbases, offer classic cruiser styling and are powered by polished and chromed air-cooled, V-twin engines equipped with dual chrome exhaust pipes for optimized low-end performance. The V Stars also offer low-maintenance shaft drive for a reliably smooth ride.

Customization, personalization and character are crucial to the cruiser motorcycle owner. Yamaha has taken those demands seriously by offering more than 425 accessories for its complete Star motorcycle Line. From the full-dress, long distance flagship Venture and the torque-packed, 98-cubicinch V-twin Road Star to the four members of the value priced V-Star motorcycles, Yamaha has the in-demand accessories that allow each Star owner to create a personalized machine.

For 2000, Yamaha has introduced a number of new options for the Venture including a wide assortment of handcrafted chrome billet pieces, fender and saddlebag trim rails, turn signal visors, a passing lamp kit, trunk rack and a 6-CD changer.

Road Star owners can add a sportier look by adding a shorter Boulevard-style windshield. Or, take to the open road with optional custom-molded touring seat and passenger backrest, passing lamps, and lots of chrome including triple-plated battery side covers, billet handlebar clamps and seat rails to headlight visors and rear fender racks. The Road Star also gets plain, fringed or studded leather saddlebags with nickel-plated buckles.

The V-star line continues to deliver a full-size cruiser look with a list of accessories like its bigger brothers including studded leather saddlebags, windshields, floorboards and custom touring seats and backrests. The long list includes chrome add-ons, engine guards, front fender trim rails, triple chrome-plated billet mirrors, and engine case covers - just to name a few.

Like all accessories bearing the Genuine Yamaha badge, every piece is crafted specifically for each motorcycle from the finest materials using the same craftsmanship as the motorcycle it was made for. Yamaha accessories are available at Yamaha dealers nationwide.

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