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2002 Ski-Doo Mach Z Models

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Mach Z Packages:
Tech Plus (Spring only) - The triple-cylinder beast loaded with features 
Sport - Still the king of musclesleds with Rotax triple-triple power

The Ski-Doo Mach Z may just have the most bulging trophy case of all sleds on snow today. That's what happens when you build a sled around an ultimate Rotax powerplant. Racers crave the rush of its triple-triple power down the drag strips. Riders love the same triple-triple thrust across the lake.

Under the hood of the black beast is, of course, the world record-setting power of the Rotax 800cc triple cylinder, triple-pipe engine. Putting that power to the snow and providing a solid ride with precise handling is the fully-coupled SC-10 II rear suspension. HPG- shocks all around the sled maintain performance.

Riders ordering the spring-only Tech Plus package get a collection of high tech features that make the ride as easy as it is exhilarating. Carburetion is always spot on, no matter the conditions, with the electronic DPM (Digital Performance Management) system. The nearly zero-weight Rotax Electronic Reverse (RER) makes maneuvering a crowded trailhead as simple as it gets. And an adjustable windshield and tilt steering make fitting the Mach Z to any sized rider as easy a turning a knob and flipping a switch.

MX Z packages:
- race-sled performance and features (spring-only). 
Adrenaline - the ultimate aggressive trail machine (spring-only) 
Renegade - a true hybrid for trail, powder performance 
Sport - the preferred sled for aggressive trail riding 
Trail - for performance trail riders
Fan - for entry level trail riders with big expectations

The roughest and twistiest trails are begging to be tackled by the 2002 Ski-Doo' MX Z models. No matter which 2002 package a rider chooses, it will be built on the light-weight ZX platform, powered by a legendary Rotax twin and ride on a mogul-munching SC-10 rear suspension. They also come with a strong pedigree: they're all derived from the MX Zx 440 LC snowcross sled.

For the ultimate racer experience, opt for the spring-only X-package. This sled isn't for the guy who just likes the trails. And it's no me-too graphics package. It is for the rider who wants to DOMINATE trails that other guys wince at. That's why it's equipped with features drawn from the MX Zx 440 LC racer.

It all starts with the ZX platform, but with a huge new feature - the all-new ZX-X platform. Originating on the 2001 MX Zx 440 LC race sled, the one-piece ZX-X features several reinforcements to withstand the roughest terrain. Wider running boards, extruded anti slip edges and 8' footrests accommodate stand-up riding styles. Its steeper tilt enables more suspension travel - 13 inches with the new SC-10 III.

The SC-10 III is the most capable fully-coupled SC 10 rear skid yet, especially when fitted with the MX Z X-package's fat C-46 and HPG take-apart remote reservoir shocks. Thanks to a new rising-rate configuration and aggressive calibration, the SC-10 III performs like a snowcross suspension while remaining supple in moderate trail conditions. The HPG take-apart remote reservoir shocks soak up mean bumps with minimal fade. Cornering is enhanced with radical new Precision dual carbide skis, the first dual-runner OEM ski. The Precision skis increase cornering performance so well they change the handling feel of the entire sled. Improved HPG shocks increase front suspension travel to 10 inches. Other racing features include a 1.0-inch track, adjustable height racing handlebars, Brembo hydraulic racing disc brake and steel-braided brake lines.

Not to be forgotten, there's a rip-snorting Rotax 800cc Series 3 twin engine option. It is fed by heated TM-40 flat-slide carbs and managed by the spot-on DPM` electronic carburetion management system. A 600cc Series 3 twin is also available.

Again, expect the 2002 MX Z with X-package to be a lightweight, even with the brawny 800cc engine - it weighs in at only 474 pounds. And if consumers REALLY want hotter graphics, the 2002 X-package has those too. Along with a new two-tone Yellow/Black color scheme, several colored accents and "X" decals ensure everyone knows that this sled is the real X. And the original. The MX Z X-package is also available in Deep Black and Metallic Radical Red.


Available in yellow/black two-tone, Deep Black and Metallic Radical Red.


Available in yellow, Deep Black and Metallic Radical Red over Black.


Color choices: Metallic Radical Red over black, Deep Black.


Available in yellow and Deep Black


Available in yellow and Deep Black


Available in yellow and Deep Black

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