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Yamaha 2001 660R Raptor

Yamaha - 660R Raptor
- Yamaha Introduces Exciting New Sport ATV -

Quick Ride Review (more to come)

We're thrilled to say we spent a full day on the new Raptor in demanding trail conditions - and it's awesome! The fast revving engine provides lots of low-end torque, excellent mid-range (kind of like the Warrior but far stronger) and a very good pulling top end - what more could you ask for? Mix this with the smallish chassis, light weight, responsive steering and you've got something pretty special. With it's strong and immediate engine response you can ride it similar to an off-road motorcycle, positioning it on the trail where you like by clutching it to bring the back end around, wheelie over an obstacle, or carry the front end to where you want it. It's easy to ride, great fun and pretty darn fast for a 4-stroke ATV.

It's also by far the most comfortable sport ATV ever offered by Yamaha, far surpassing the companies previous and dated sport models. Steering is light and very responsive (impressive) and  great for tight woods. The only possible negative here is that the machine responds so quickly and with such excellent power, it's easy to wheelie the machine off your intended line. Experienced riders won't have a problem though, as it's best to ride the new Yamaha a gear higher than normal which provides a more controlled ride - and the machine certainly has no problem pulling the taller gear. The brakes feel strong with consistent and progressive feedback, the footrests are excellent as is the seat. Handling in tight situations is most excellent, only a light flywheel effect gets in the way at times allowing the engine to stall a bit too easily. When the going gets faster the Raptor gives a hint of twitchiness, but it's not too bad. Electric start and reverse are incredibly convenient - Yamaha has certainly proven it's possible to keep the weight down and have such features on a sport unit. 

Overall, the machine is excellent in virtually every way. It's fast, pulls great down low, steering is excellent, and it's an absolute blast to ride. If we were going to buy an ATV for all types of use, the responsive 660R Raptor from Yamaha would unquestionably be our choice!

Yamaha 2000 660R Raptor

  • 660cc 4-stroke
  • Liquid cooled, 5 valve
  • Claimed weight of 389 pounds
  • Reverse - standard
  • Electric start - standard
  • Tooless air box lid
  • Detachable headlights
  • Spin-off oil filter
  • Handlebar mounted
  • 3.2 gallon tank
  • Dual carb
  • 70 mph+ top speed
  • 9,000 rpm
  • Extensive use
    of aluminum
  • Removable
    sub frame
  • Dunlop Radial tires
  • Numerous accessories
  • 10.4" ground clearance
  • $6,499 USA
  • Available Sept. 2000


The 660R in action. Hydraulic front brakes. Easy adjust chain. 5 valve engine, liquid cooled.


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