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Vanson: Rocket Glove
Vanson's Rocket glove is a thick and supple leather glove suitable for just about any type of riding. Wear it for touring, sport riding or cruising - you decide. When the glove's are on, they feel very protective due to their thick competition weight leather. With double leather placed over the knuckles and palms there's added protection to boot. The Medium length, slightly narrow, gauntlet slips over most riding jackets and closely quickly and easily with the large zipper positioned atop the gauntlet.

We found the size designation to be on the small side, but the gloves proportions are good. Our only complaint was the fingers on our gloves were very narrow, which added to the painful break-in time. It literally took hundreds of miles to break these paw protectors in. As Vanson claims, it takes time to break these gloves in but they finally do become more comfortable. Based on the quality of the leather and construction, you'll be wearing these gloves for a long time to come.

Product Score Card

Vanson: Rocket Glove Suggested Retail $ 85.00 (US)
  Ratings:  Poor Fair Good V/Good Excellent
Comfort           6        
Features           6        
Fit           6        
Quality of Materials               8    
Workmanship                 9  
Value         5          
Overall Score (1-10)             7      
Temperature Range Cold Cool Mild Warm Hot

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Product Notes

Features Description Comments
Fit Slightly narrow fingers As claimed, very long and sometimes painful break-in process.
Leather Very thick yet quite supple leather .
Zippered Gauntlet Not our favorite choice of closure, but it's simple and it works. .
Warranty 1 Year .
Colors Black
Sizes US Small to X-Large, Women's version available

Vanson Leathers
213 Turnpike Street
Stoughton, MA 02072-9831
781-344-5444 / Fax 781-344-1313

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