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Tour Master: Road Race Elite Glove
If you don't value your hands much, then by all means buy cheap gloves. If on the other hand (pun intended) you value your hands, then wear a high end protective glove like the Tour Master Road Race Elite.

These full-featured gloves are made of soft Japanese drum-dyed leather which means they feel great, won't require much break-in, and they shouldn't bleed any dye colors to your hands when you sweat.

The glove's many features include thick closed-cell foam padding above the fingers and knuckles with cross stitching strategically placed to allow the top of the glove to flex with the bending of your hand.  Thick pads are also stitched in around the wrist area (Tour Master calls it the Wrist Pad™) which offers unique protection not found on most gloves. 

The underside of the glove is well designed and amply constructed. The palm pad area is constructed utilizing double leather, closed-cell padding, and a sewn in Kevlar insert to hold things together. Finishing the elaborate palm pad off are multiple studs just in case you decide to go sliding down the pavement on your hands.

The thumb area as well as the thumb length itself is oversized to offer greater flexibility and comfort. There's also double leather reinforcement placed at the opening of the thumb, an area were many gloves rip from normal use.

The gloves excellent long and wide gauntlet will easily fit over leather jackets as well as bulkier winter type jacket cuffs. Adjustment is done via a large Velcro adjustable bottom strap.

The Road Race Elites are very comfortable and by far one of the best street gloves we've used. A serious road-racer could argue that a secondary wrist strap and slightly thicker leather would benefit the glove for track use, a valid point, but most of us don't ride on the track.

If you're looking for a full featured, comfortable, and highly protective street glove to protect those valuable hands, Tour Masters Road Race Elite will serve you extremely well.

Product Score Card

Tour Master: Road Race Elite Glove US - Suggested Retail $109.95
  Ratings:  Poor Fair Good V/Good Excellent
Comfort                 9  
Features               8    
Fit               8    
Gauntlet/Wrist Closure             7      
Quality of Materials               8    
Workmanship               8    
Value               8    
Overall Score (1-10)               8    
Temperature Range Cold Cool Mild Warm Hot
(product comfort range)                    

Product Notes

Features Description Comments
Armor Excellent closed cell foam padding atop the fingers and knuckles. Unique Wrist padding. Complete with cross stitching to ease finger movement
Fit Proportioned very well, long thumb but narrow fingers. Our pair had narrow fingers, unlike other pairs we've worn.
Leather Japanese drum-dyed leather. Not as supple as earlier production pairs we used. Slightly thin for a road-race style glove. Acceptable and nice, but could be better.
Lining (internal) None .
Lining (waterproof) N/A .
Reflective None .
Wrist Closure Excellent and easy to use gauntlet with large Velcro strap. Does not include secondary wrist strap. This would be a nice addition to this already highly protective glove.
Warranty 90 days from date of purchase .
Colors Black on Black, Purple on Black, Red on White, Blue on White, Aqua on White
Sizes US: X-Small through XX-Large
Available From Most motorcycle shops. If they don't stock it they can order it from Helmet House/Tour Master.

26855 Malibu Hills Road
Calabasas Hills, CA 91301

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