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Tour Master: Grand Tour Elite Winter Glove
Are you a performance sportbike rider who wears protective road-race style gloves? Do you feel naked and exposed when forced to wear relatively unprotective winter glove? We did, until we began wearing the extremely protective and full-featured Grand Tour Elite gloves from Tour Master.

The best way to describe the protective qualities of these gloves is to say they offer the same feature as most road race gloves. The best way to describe the Grand Tour's additional features is to say they represent the Swiss Army knife of Winter motorcycle gloves.

Protective features include thick closed-cell padding above the fingers and knuckles, a secondary wrist strap, a padded double leather and Kevlar reinforced palm, and a double leather reinforced thumb area. In all practicality, these offer more protective features than many road-race gloves.

This is just the beginning of the Grand Tours long list of features. Made of soft supple Nappa leather, this glove also retains the necessary features of an excellent winter glove - and then some. Warmth is provided by the Thinsulate insulation and the waterproof yet breathable Hipora liner. The glove uses one of the most comfortable and easy to use gauntlet designs we've used, and it's easily adjustable by way of a Velcro strap.

If all this isn't enough, the glove also includes your standard comfortable brushed nylon interior lining, a rain wipe on the left glove (non throttle side), reflective material built into the outside edge of each glove for greater visibility from the sides (it's a good thing), a wind/rain cuff at the opening of the gauntlet and a water resistant pull-out Polar Cover. This Polar Cover is a nylon split-finger glove cover which pulls out of it's own zippered pocket inside the gauntlet. Complete with its own rain wipe, the Polar Cover serves two purposes. One is greater wind protection which actually make the gloves warmer, the second is additional protection from rain.

In actual use the Grand Tour and all it's features work very well. After a bit of break-in the glove becomes more comfortable, and continues to do so ride after ride. The gloves designers wanted these gloves to provide for an excellent feel of the controls, which they do, so the gloves aren't extremely insulated or thick. What you get is a perfectly warm glove, yet not the warmest made, offering a good feel for the controls. If you want even more warmth or to keep the rain off the leather and prevent that clammy feeling in the wet, just pull on the Polar Cover and you've got it! If you are riding in extreme conditions we suggest you pull on the Polar Cover before setting out, this way you'll get the maximum effect from the glove. We also found that we could wear these gloves in mild temperatures without any discomfort, so the temperature range they can be used in is quite broad. The design of the glove doesn't play favorites either, its just as useful and comfortable on a Gold Wing as it is on a GSXR.

Here on the west coast we traditionally ride to the races at Laguna Seca. For this often cold ride, our glove choice is usually limited to either protective road-race gloves which will let your hands freeze or to wear a mostly unprotective winter glove to keep your digits warm. With Tour Masters Grand Tour Elite you can have the best of both worlds, warmth and a feeling of security. You simply can't go wrong with this glove.

Product Score Card

Tour Master: Grand Tour Elite Glove US - Suggested Retail $129.95
  Ratings:  Poor Fair Good V/Good Excellent
Comfort               8    
Features                   10
Fit               8    
Gauntlet/Wrist Closure                 9  
Quality of Materials             7      
Waterproofing                 9  
Workmanship                 9  
Value                 9  
Overall Score (1-10)                 9  
Temperature Range Cold Cool Mild Warm Hot
(product comfort range)                    

Product Notes

Features Description Comments
Armor Excellent closed cell foam padding atop the fingers and knuckles. Complete with cross stitching to ease finger movement
Fit Proportioned very well. For greater warmth and comfort. Buy winter gloves to fit a little on the loose side. Our pair had narrow fingers, unlike other pairs we've worn.
Leather Mixture of high and medium grade Nappa leather. Lower grade (more grainy) leather used on gauntlet. It doesn't look good on a glove costing this much. Feels great!
Lining (internal) Brushed nylon Very comfortable
Lining (waterproof) Hipora, breathable and waterproof liner Secondary Polar Cover!
Reflective On outside edge of hand The first glove to offer this!
Wrist Closure Excellent secondary wrist strap, however somebody skimped on the amount of Velcro used. Most Winter gloves do not have secondary closures. An excellent, protective and easy-to-use design.
Warranty 90 days from date of purchase .
Colors Black on Black, Red on Black, Blue on Black
Sizes US: X-Small through XX-Large
Available From Most motorcycle shops. If they don't stock it they can order it from Helmet House.

26855 Malibu Hills Road
Calabasas Hills, CA 91301

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