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Tour Master: Deerskin Summer Glove
As soft and supple as... you get the picture.
These Tour Master summer gloves are incredibly comfortable! The very thick and very supple deerskin feels so good on your hand you won't want to take these gloves off - we didn't. When changing from street bike to Dual Sport bike we often left these gloves on and even road off-road with them. They looked a bit out of place on our XR650L, but what the heck!

We also learned these gloves aren't just suited to summer riding. The perforated leather on the tops of the fingers are mostly for aesthetics and not for flowing air. This means these Tour Master gloves can be used in quite cool temperatures in total comfort.
(see comfort range below)

The construction of these gloves looks very good and the design utilizes mostly external finger seams for added comfort. The thumb area is reinforced and allows for plenty of thumb movement. Unlike most gloves of this type, there is a unobtrusive wrist strap to insure the glove stays on in the event of a crash. Overall, this is a great glove and we've never worm a more comfortable street glove.

Product Score Card

Tour Master: Deerskin Summer Glove US - Suggested Retail $36.95
  Ratings:  Poor Fair Good V/Good Excellent
Comfort                   10
Features             7      
Fit               8    
Gauntlet/Wrist Closure               8    
Quality of Materials                 9  
Workmanship                 9  
Value               8    
Overall Score (1-10)                 9  
Temperature Range Cold Cool Mild Warm Hot
(product comfort range) >                    


Feature Notes

Features Description Comments
Fit Very roomy, ours had a slightly odd cut finger .
Leather Very thick and supple deerskin Feels great!
Lining None .
Wrist Closure Additional bottom Velcro wrist strap for security Most gloves of this type don't include a strap. The bottom wrist strap keeps the styling clean.
Note: The name of these gloves is a bit misleading. Don't purchase these gloves for use as an extreme summer glove. These gloves are quite warm.
Warrantee . .
Colors Black or Tan
Sizes US: XXS - XXL

26855 Malibu Hills Road
Calabasas Hills, CA 91301

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