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National Cycle: Cheetah SST™ replacement windscreen

An affordable improvement for long trips or cold temperatures

The CBR1100XX stock windshield is angled almost straight back towards the rider so it provides a miniscule level of wind protection. While preparing this baby for a road trip, we found  a taller windscreen to be pretty much a necessity. Finding a taller windscreen for this bike was a challenge, as we were told it's a difficult unit to produce.

The fine people of National Cycle came to our rescue with their "Cheetah SST" replacement windscreen. Their Cheetah line of replacement windscreens are a bit taller so they provide added wind protection for sport touring and commuting riders. 

We opted for the lightly tented (basically clear) unit because we thought we might need to look through the new windshield at night. Installation took about 45 minutes much of which was to explore how the stocker came off the bike. The National Cycle screen, made of high-impact acrylic, fit perfectly with no shoving or adapting of any type required during installation.

Once mounted, we found the new windscreen extended even less towards the rider than stock, and that it in no way impeded our view. In fact, it never even enters into your field of view even when crouched down over the tank. This leads us to our next point. For the XX, purchase the dark shield to match the stealth styling of the XX. If you don't, you'll be left with a clear and unsightly window into the back of your gauges at the base of the windscreen just above the headlight.

We rode about 3,000 miles with our Cheetah windscreen, and it worked well and didn't scratch easily like some aftermarket windscreens. It has a low profile but sweeps upward in quick order at the edge closest the rider. This lip raises the airflow blast from mid torso to about the bottom of your helmet - about par compared to most stock sportbike windscreens.

xwind12.JPG (9072 bytes) xwind22.JPG (9233 bytes)

The quick upturn of the screen effectively pushes the airflow upwards, but it also causes a low pressure area above the fuel tank. This difference in pressure sometimes makes it feel as if your helmet is being sucked down when crouched down behind the windscreen. We paid close attention to this during our trips but it never proved to create any discomfort. With the aftermarket screen installed there was about the same amount of wind noise reaching your helmet.

After numerous miles and countless bugs, the Cheetha windscreen cleaned up just fine, leading us to believe it will provide long service without scratching. The Cheetha windscreen is a fine choice for anyone heading out on a long trip or who rides in the cold of Winter. If you buy one for the CBR1100XX, just make sure you get it in dark tint.

Cheetah SST™
Available from most dealers in light or dark tint.
Suggested Retail: $59.95

National Cycle, Inc.
P.O. Box 158
Maywood, IL 60153-0625
Phone 708-343-0400, Fax 708-343-0625

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