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Mikes Grilles - Added protection for your oil-cooler and radiator
Many street bikes come from the factory with wire mesh grilles protecting their precious oil coolers and radiators - but not all. For these bikes there is "Mikes Grilles." The company, run by Mike of course, makes aluminum mesh Grilles for many bikes lacking this protective element. Grilles are available in anodized gold, powder-coated black, silver, red and green.

The grilles are sized to fit each make and model and come with a heavy protective rubber frame. Knowing weight is an important
consideration, and to keep from having to make complicated brackets,  mounting is handled by plastic zip ties and stainless steel safety wire which is included with each kit. Detailed instructions, customized for each bike, are included as well.

Our staff members Aprilia Tuono is one of those bikes lacking complete protection, so on went a set of Grilles to cover the radiator and oil-cooler. We took our time and cleaned things as we went so installation took about 20 minutes. Some bikes will require messing with lower fairings and such so installation can be more involved and time consuming than our simple installation. These grilles, we are told, never require drilling or brackets to install. We ordered the gold anodized grilles to match the existing colors on the Tuono. They look great and have drawn a lot of positive comments including - “where did you get those?”

The company plans to add additional model applications as well as additional finishes. Custom grilles can be made for your special projects, simply supply your dimensions and the company will make what you need. Mikes Grilles is located in the UK so you'll have to deal with exchange rates. Grilles sell for about $90.00 (US), which includes shipping costs, exchange rates fluctuate daily. The company's web site could make pricing information easier to find as well as provide approximate US prices, but they do responded quickly to emails. After placing our order, the product magically showed up in less than a weeks time - all the way from across the pond.

Tim Pennell

Available Sizes: See their web site under "applications"
Available Colors: Gold anodized, powder-coated black, silver, red and green
Suggested Retail Price: About $90 US.

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