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Mag-Knight: Magnetic Tank Bra

The easiest way to protect your tank?

We knew we had to do something to protect the fuel tank
of our Honda CBR1100XX. After just a short time we noticed the paint dulling from being rubbed in the course of normal use. Since we were getting ready to do some extensive sport touring something had to be done. What to do?

I had met the owners of Mag-Knight, makers of the Magnetic Tank Bra, when they first launched their business and thought this might be the time to finally give their product a go. Their tank bra is best described as a sheet of custom shaped material with a vinyl like material on the outside and a magnetic type material on the tank side. It conforms to your tank and is held on by a magnetic force coupled with a vacuum created between the tank and bra. This attachment is said to block out all dirt and even water, a claim we can't dispute.

The tank bra comes cut to fit specific motorcycles and can be applied in second. After leaving the bike and bra in the sun, just apply it to your tank as per the instruction sheet. If there's a bump or fold in your application just lift the affected area and reapply it straight. That's all there is to it!

We have a great deal of praise for this Mag Knight product. First and foremost, the material is thin so once it's applied your tank it doesn't feel any wider like with some tank protection systems. The material is just slick enough to allow comfortable movement against the tank and it's thick enough so there's no fear of rubbing the tank through the material. Lastly, it simply stays put when riding.

We simply have to give this product a straight A rating, though we don't know how it holds up with long term use. We would bring that long term report to you, but we can't figure out how to turn our tank bra red and make it fit our VFR750.

The Mag Knight magnetic tank bra is available for most popular sportbikes at a suggested retail price of $75.95. Your local dealer might not carry this product in stock, but most can certainly order one for your sportbike.

Mag-Knight Inc.
18121 117th ST SE
Snohomish, WA 98290
Phone 360-805-0100, Fax 360-805-0811

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