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Fox "ORA" Off-Road Jacket

The answer to the shoulder pad trade off!

It seems there's always a trade off in what we wear when gearing up to go riding. When it’s cool out, those of us who wear shoulder pads must decide how or if we wear them. About the only choice is to wear a jacket with built-in armor (not as protective), or wear bulky shoulder pads over your riding jacket - not a perfect solution.

This is where the Fox ORA jacket comes in, because it was designed to be worn with shoulder pads underneath. This requires the jacket to be cut larger in the appropriate areas to accommodate the pads. The result is a roomy jacket that works well with shoulder pads.

The jacket isn't just for use with shoulder pads, and it offers many valuable features. There are zip off sleeves for turning the jacket into a ridding vest, zippered front vents, a rope pull waist adjuster, a button down front zipper wind flap and a fleece lined collar. There’s a large rear storage pocket for storing the zip-off sleeves or converting the jacket into its own waist pack.

There are two large exterior chest pockets, zippered hand warmer pockets, and a truly appreciated interior breast pocket. The wrists cuffs close with Velcro straps, but there are large open gussets that are difficult to get closed tight when it’s cold out. When temperatures rise, the gussets can be left open to scoop air in. A clever feature, but a little tough to use.

The unlined jacket won’t win any awards for keeping you warm because it provides no insulation between the outer and inner shell materials. On the other hand, these same attributes make the jacket bearable when things heat up. In fact, we were fairly impressed with how much air the small zippered front vents allowed to flow through the jacket. The primary reason the vents work so well, in addition to the fixed rear vent, is because the shoulder pads hold the jacket material off your shoulders so there’s plenty of empty space for the air to circulate through.

There’s no body armor or double elbow patches on this jacket but the Cordura material itself is quite rugged. The rope type waist adjuster is a welcomed feature allowing you to loosen the jacket for comfort or pull the waist area snug in the cold.

Fox claims you can wear the jacket with or without pads. When properly sized for wearing with shoulder pads, you’ll notice the jacket is a little bulky when worn without pads. Our size large jacket fit a bit loose especially in the body, but is quite close to the fit we’d expect from size large.

The Fox ORA jacket is comfortable and allows unrestricted body movement. We’d recommend it for off-road use where you’re working hard and generating body heat or for warmer Dual Sport use. If temperatures are really cold you’ll want a jacket with more insulation.

Suggested Retail Price: $ 199.00 (US)
Colors: Blue only
Available sizes: Med - XX-Large (US)

Available From: Fox riding apparel is widely available at most motorcycle shops.

15850 Concord Circle
Morgan Hill, CA 95037

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