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Eclipse: Elite Magnetic Tankbag

While in the process of outfitting our 98 CBR1100XX test bike for sport touring we found that it was impossible to mount a standard tank bag. This left us searching for a full-size magnetic tank bag which we found in the Eclipse "Elite Magnetic Tankbag".

Made of 600 denier polyester, the Elite bag consists of a large lower main section and a smaller top section above the main zipper. The bottom compartment is void of any pockets but has two plastic inserts for stiffening the bag. The upper compartment has a small zippered pocket and a useful mesh map type pocket under the top lid. This top section is great for carrying items you need to get at like a change of gloves or face shield cleaner. The lid to this section, the top of the bag, closes by way of two side zippers and a strip of Velcro. We found this setup to offer easy access, but sometimes it closed less securely than we'd like. This top section expands 6 inches by way of a wrap-around zipper adding enough additional space to place a Gerbing's electric vest with full sleeves.

eclrain1.jpg (3329 bytes)The map holder atop the bag is simply the best in the business. It's made of a low-glare vinyl type material, it's removable, reversible, replaceable, and seals like a zip-lock bag so it doesn't blow up when you ride. The stylish slightly expandable side pockets are a different story as they are difficult to use and cut into the space of the main compartment. We'd like to see Eclipse add a front and rear pocket to this bag as there's ample space to do so. Granted this might take away from the bags clean looks, but it would add a great deal of function to the bag which arguably is on the short side when it comes to pockets.

The soft carry strap is strong and well shaped though ours frayed a bit from rubbing, and we still can't figure out what it rubbed against. The rain cover is made from a light weight nylon so it's easily stashed without taking up valuable space. This cover simply needs to been seen to be appreciated.

The bag is secured to fuel metal tanks by nine strategically placed 2" round ceramic magnets, three in the bags bottom and three in each extended side flap. The nice thing about these magnets is they can be moved within their pocket allowing for a more contoured fit to your tank. The bad part, however, is they move out of place every time you lift the bag. The heavy magnetic base section can be unzipped and left on the bike but don't try reconnecting it in the dark.

eclipb21.jpg (9325 bytes)

The amount of grip this bag has on your tank can be a little misleading since the magnets can float within their pockets a bit. In actual overloaded use we couldn't get the bag to noticeably move. Don't forget, we were accelerating and braking with the incredibly powerful CBR1100XX - no small feet for a magnetic tank bag. On our return trip from the races at Laguna Seca we accelerated, wheelied and bounced over some pretty poor road surfaces. At worst, the bag might have moved just a bit under these rigorous conditions but was never a worry or distraction.

Of more concern was the condition of our, or should I say Hondas, fuel tank. The Elite bags bottom surface isn't very soft and the paint on the XX scratches easier than anything we've seen in recent memory. Once our testing was completed we could see a faint rubbing of the paints surface. We can't say if this will happen on other bikes but we do know choosing material for the bottom of a magnetic tank bag is a difficult task. The material used on this Eclipse bag is named "Nitrile" and is resistant to gasoline.

Like all Eclipse bags we've seen, the Elite bag is made using top notch materials and the workmanship is superb. We have an older Eclipse bag and it's one of the few in our collection that hasn't discolored with age. If you're looking for a high quality, full-sized, magnetic tankbag this Eclipse bag will certainly fit the bill.

Product Score Card

Eclipse: Elite Magnetic Tankbag US - Suggested Retail $ 129.99
  Ratings:  Poor Fair Good V/Good Excellent
Capacity               8    
Features               8    
Map Pocket                   10
Mounting System             7      
Quality of Materials                 9  
Tank Padding       4            
Workmanship                 9  
Value               8    
Overall Score (1-10)                 9  

Product Notes

Features Description Comments
Lining None .
Materials 1000 Denier Nylon nice to the touch
Pockets 2 side, internal map, 1 small internal side pockets difficult to use
Warranty Lifetime on materials & workmanship .
Notes The best map holder and rain cover in the industry! replaceable map holder /
rain cover included
Colors black/red
Sizes 17 liters/30 expanded (15" x 8 1/2" x 8/14")

Eclipse USA
8901 Whittaker Road, Ypsilanti, MI 48197
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