1998 Polaris Snowmobiles

1998 Polaris Deep Snow Snowmobiles

The refined lineup of 1998 Polaris deep-snow models supplies the most muscle to the mountain. All four deep-snow models are powered by twins that keep the weight at a minimum while serving up the maximum in climbing power. Three of these engines-the 500 and the U.S.-built 600 and 700-offer liquid-cooled power and Efficiency, while the Indy Trail RMK's fan-cooled 488cc engine makes it one of the lightest slope-scalers on the mountain. Last year, the breakthrough Indy 700 RMK was the SnoWest Magazine Sled of the Year. Now it's the new Indy 600 RMK's turn to earn headlines and honors for precedent-setting power and performance.

The windshields of the four 98 deep-snow models are mid-height flared to deflect wind and snow, giving a rider's hands greater protection and comfort.

Each '98 RMK model also has lightweight yet extremely durable Polaris composite skis, 38-inch ski stance, handwarmers and a thumbwarmer, a speedometer with tripmeter, torsion bar, and an 11.8-gallon gas tank.

lndy Trail RMK

The industry's lowest-priced mountain sled and one of the lightest and most nimble deep-snow models on the market, the lndy Trail RMK pumps the power from its 488cc fan-cooled engine to a 15xl 33.5-inch track with 1.25-inch lugs. Its power is impressive at a stunning range of altitudes thanks to the Polaris ACCS-Altitude Compensating Carburetor System-which adjusts the carburetor automatically in response to changes in altitude.

The Indy Trail RMK has an XTRA-10 front suspension with nitrogen cell shocks and 8.25 inches of travel. The XTRA-10 rear suspension has a compression-adjustable lndy Select rear track shock and provides 10.9 inches of travel. The Trail RMK also has hydraulic disc brake and an improved P-85 drive clutch.

lndy 500 RMK

Riders who love versatility and 500-class power will love the'98 Indy 500 RMK. This is one of the lowest-priced liquid-cooled mountain sleds. Its legendary liquid-cooled 488cc Polaris twin is fitted with a pair of 34mm carburetors and the Polaris ACCS (Altitude Compensating Carburetor System) to help the engine deliver optimum performance at virtually any altitude automatically.

A 15xl33.5-inch track with 1.25-inch lugs ensures outstanding traction in any snow depth. The XTRA-10 front suspension uses nitrogen cell shocks to offer 8.25 inches of travel, while the XTRA- 1 0 rear suspension supplies 10.9 inches of travel, thanks in part to its compression-adjustable lndy Select rear track shock.

The 500 RMK also has an improved P-85 drive clutch, powerful halogen headlights, screens in hood openings to limit snow ingestion, and a new front bumper that's more durable and provides much-improved snowmobility.

lndy 600 RMK

Powered by the new U.S.-built Polaris 600 twin, the lndy 600 RMK promises to delight Polaris riders and give the competition nightmares the way the Indy 700 RMK has since its introduction last winter. The Indy 600 RMK's new liquid-cooled engine was computer designed with a two-pronged goal in mind: Deliver maximum power while keeping weight to a minimum. This was achieved beautifully in this lightweight, case-reed-inducted twin with two 39mm Keihin Dslide carburetors and the efficiency of digital CD ignition, die cast heads, and approximately 20% more horsepower than last year's XLT RMK. Mountain riders will really appreciate this horsepower increase, particularly at high altitudes where horses are an endangered species.

Compared to traditional setups, the 600 RMK's chaincase is mounted lower and further back in the chassis to maintain a low center of gravity and to permit the use of deep-lug tracks.

The lndy 600 RMK has an XTRA-10 front suspension with nitrogen cell shocks, a torsion bar, 8.25 inches of travel, and the Controlled Roll Center (CRC) steering system. The XTRA- 1 0 rear suspension uses an lndy Select rear track shock and provides 10 inches of travel inside the 15xl36-inch track with its 1.75inch-deep lugs.

lndy 700 RMK

SnoWest magazine named the lndy 700 RMK the Sled of the Year, and the 1998 model has the power, ride, and license to climb that might just earn it the same honor for a second-straight year.

After redefining the deep-snow class in its debut last winter, the lndy 700 RMK returns for its sophomore season with the power and traction to make even higher marks on the biggest slopes. The 700 RMK is powered by a U.S.-built liquid-cooled 700cc twin with digital CD ignition, case-reed induction, lightweight new die-cast cylinder heads, and a pair of easy-pull Keihin 39mm D-slide carburetors. The power feeds the aggressive 15xl36-inch track with 1.75-inch deep lugs, the deepest lugs ever used by Polaris as standard equipment.

The Indy 700 RMK has an exceptional ride and handling package thanks to the XTRA-10 front suspension with its nitrogen cell shocks, torsion bar, 8.25 inches of travel, and CRC steering package. The XTRA- 1 0 rear suspension has a compression-adjustable lndy Select rear track shock that helps deliver 10 inches of travel.

The 700 RMK's chaincase mounting position (further back and lower than traditional setups) enhances the sled's low center of gravity.

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