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Just Released - Revised 1999 CBR1100XX
More mid-range, fuel injection, revised suspension!
(The rest of Honda's 99 line will be announced mid October!)

1999 CBR1100XX

Fuel Injected!

1999 CBRII00XX
The world's premier super-sport motorcycle is upgraded with electronic fuel injection and a ram-air system to maintain its dominance over all competitors.

Features & Benefits
New for 1999
Ram-air system produces increased power in mid- and upper-rpm operating range while simultaneously improving fuel consumption.
Electronic CPU provides two digital 3-D fuel injection maps for each cylinder and one digital 3-D ignition map for cylinder pairs, creating ideal fuel mixture and spark advance settings for superb driveability.
Unique knock-control sensor monitors ignition advance to improve mid-range performance.
New 360-degree exhaust collector, combined with EFI and recalibrated ignition settings, produces a stunning 10 percent increase in usable mid range power, while also increasing top-end power output.
Oil cooler radiation capacity is increased 18 percent to manage additional power output resulting from ram-air system.
New seven-plate clutch design features improved friction plate material and saves 7.9 ounces over previous design.
New first gear engagement design provides quieter, smoother shifts.
Linked Braking System setting revised to provide increased front bias with front brake lever application while maintaining excellent overall system balance.
Front and rear suspension valving revised to provide plusher feel at low speeds, while maintaining excellent damping rates.
Rear-wheel damper hardness increased 12 percent to provide improved feel and increased durability.
New auto-choke system eliminates manual choke control and provides smooth engine warm-up.
Fuel capacity increased to 6.3 gallons.
Gold anodized AC generator and clutch covers.
New over/under dual taillight design.

Lightweight 1137cc liquid-cooled four-cylinder engine with one-piece upper crankcase and cylinder block.
Side-mounted cam chain and ultra-narrow cylinder-sleeve spacing reduce engine size and weight.
Double overhead camshafts actuate valves using simple and direct cam over-bucket design.
Included valve angle set at a narrow 3Q0, resulting in a compact combustion chamber.
Straight intake ports and four-valve-per-cylinder technology offer optimum power output at all rpm levels.
Oil-cooled alternator is powerful and compact.
Automatic cam-chain tensioner.
Slim-tipped NGK VX spark plugs offer high performance and minimal buildup for consistent operation.
Unique gear-driven dual engine-balancer system almost completely eliminates high-frequency engine vibration.
Six-speed close-ratio transmission.
Large-capacity aluminum radiator combines with high-efficiency oil cooler mounted directly beneath the steering head to help maintain optimum performance and long engine life.
High-performance exhaust system features two 6.4-liter canister-style stainless-steel mufflers polished to a satin finish.

Twin-spar diamond-configuration aluminum frame offers light weight and high rigidity.
Triple-box-section extruded aluminum spars are welded to a cast aluminum steering head and gravity die-cast aluminum pivot plates. The bolt-on seat rail is made of box-section steel.
43mm cartridge fork features the Honda Multi-Action System (HMAS) for smooth, progressive action. Wide forged-aluminum triple-clamp offers light weight and high rigidity.
Pro-Linktm rear suspension uses an HMAS rear damper which offers stepless rebound damping adjustability.
Triple-box-section extruded aluminum 40mm x 90mm swingarm offers exceptional rigidity.
Ultra-wide, hollow-section, triple-spoke, cast aluminum wheels carry wide- profile Mono-Spiral radial tires.
Honda's Linked Braking System uses a second master cylinder and a proportional control valve to couple the three-piston calipers of the dual front and single rear brake discs. Using either the handlebar lever or the foot pedal partially activates all three calipers, and the rider controls brake force distribution between the front and rear wheels depending on which control is used. As the rider increases braking force and weight transfers forward ,/the proportional control valve progressively shifts the balance of braking force in three steps toward the front wheel. A delay valve smoothes front brake engagement to minimize suspension dive when performing minor speed corrections using only the foot pedal.
310mm floating front-brake discs use stainless-steel mounting plates. Rear brake disc measures 256mm.

Additional Features
Extensive wind-tunnel testing results in an extraordinarily low overall frontal area and one of the lowest drag coefficients in motorcycling, while maintaining a high level of wind protection and rider comfort. The drag coefficient (cg-a measurement combining drag and frontal area) of 0.00155 surpasses figures for most machines in the 250cc class.
The fairing features a very sharp nose, made possible by an innovative piggy back headlight design. The separate low- and high-beam units are each lighted by a powerful single-filament bulb, and the units are stacked, one on top of the other The result is a narrow frontal aspect, with a very bright and extensive light pattern made possible by advanced multi-curvature reflector design.
The engine air-intake system consists of panels which isolate the system from the heat-producing radiator and engine area. Two large-capacity ram-air ducts feed air to the airbox and deliver it to the EFI system.
The fairing has been designed to reduce the number of panels. Gas-assist injection technology is used to increase strength and lower weight.
Specially designed front fender features indented ducts on the top front area which create a wing-like low-pressure zone on the upper surface. This aids steering and helps counter the wind's effect on the front wheel.
Integrated, fully electronic instrument panel is lightweight and features a flexible thin-film printed circuit board.
Front turn signals are integrated with the rearview mirrors, achieving improved airflow characteristics.
Large-capacity, 6.3-gallon fuel tank. LED fuel gauge in instrument panel.
Lightweight and strong #530 drive chain.
Underseat storage area designed to carry most U-type or cable locks. (Lock not included.)
Tie-down bolts are provided at the sides of the seat and at the trailing edges of the passenger-peg mounting stays.
Left-side seat cowl opening reveals a frame-mounted handle to help lift the machine onto its centerstand.
Injection-molded nylon rear passenger hand rail is more comfortable to the touch than metal rails in chilly or hot weather.
Convenient ignition switch/fork lock for added security. Transferable one-year unlimited-mileage limited warranty.

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