HONDA XR Models - Year 2000

XR50R, XR70R, XR8OR, XR100R, XR200R
XR25OR, XR400R, XR600R, XR65OL

XR50R ($1,299)
Sept. 99

What runs like a Z50R, shifts like a Z50R, pleases kids and parents like a Z5OR, and looks like a CR250R? Honda's new XR5OR, of course.

The completely new design - a true small motorcycle - has the look and feel of adult sized bikes, with the reliability and convenience of the now-famous Z5OR. Same tough 4-stroke engine, same slick shifting semi-automatic 3-speed transmission. A longer wheelbase and larger 10-inch spoke wheels improve turning and straight-line stability.

The little XR uses a compliant front fork and an all-new mono-shock design for the rear. A slimmer seat and narrow tank profile provide excellent comfort for added control. All decked out in Team Honda's red bodywork with race-style graphics, the XR50R is a great addition to a full-line of family-pleasing trail bikes.

XR650L, XR600R, XR400R, XR250R, XR200R, XR100R, XR8OR, XR70R and XR650L.

All models, including the XR650L, have a completely new look for year 2000.

Team Honda-inspired red bodywork and Wing-logo graphics give these machines even more visual appeal. Inspired by Honda's successful CR motocrossers, the dependable XR line now has the visual punch that is sure to catch your attention.

XR70R ($1,599)
July 99

XR80R ($1,999)
July 99

XR100R ($2,199)
June 99

XR200R ($3,299)
Aug. 99

XR250R ($4,699)
July 99

XR400R ($5,299)
July 99

XR600R ($5,199)
Aug. 99

XR650L ($5,499)
Aug. 99

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