HONDA CR Models - Year 2000

CR125R, CR250R,   CR500R, CR80R, CR80R Expert,

CR125R ($4,899 Sept.)
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The big news in motocrossers for 2000?
The totally new Honda CR125R and CR25OR.

These simple, clean designs show off the beautiful new frames and powerful engines, with a minimum of bodywork.

Honda CRs are legendary performers in the hands of pro riders & now everyone will feel at home on these powerful, great-handling machines. All new frames, swingarms, and engines make these bikes the most significant motocrossers ever offered by Honda.

Honda has fitted both of these extraordinary racing motorcycles with completely new, semi double-cradle aluminum frames. The second-generation design incorporates the lessons learned from two years of world-class competition. The tuned frames balance the natural light weight and rigidity of aluminum with the optimum flex needed to minimize bump-impact effect, increase traction compliance, and reduce engine vibration. In addition, the narrow profile frames provide a thinner shape, contribute to increased ground clearance, and impart a lighter, slimmer feel while riding.

Both models receive a new swingarm that features a double-taper design and incorporate a larger diameter rear axle for added rigidity. The swingarm is tuned to work together with the aluminum frame to provide improved traction compliance. Chassis geometry has been modified to improve both turning and straight-line stability. The rear shock is rotated forward (to allow a larger volume airbox) and the new shock linkage ratio improves mid-stroke control to better control wheel compliance while retaining excellent bottoming resistance. The CR125R suspends the front wheel with a redesigned KYB fork with an improved damping system. The CR25OR uses a Showa front fork with internal modifications designed to decrease friction.

More big news for the CR125R and CR25OR are the thoroughly redesigned engines. Featuring a larger airbox, a new cylinder and head, an all-new power valve design, and a new exhaust pipe, the CR125R engine is more responsive throughout the power band, with excellent power in the mid and upper rpm range. A Mikuni TMX carburetor now feeds the combustion chamber, fired by a redesigned ignition system. The newfound power is routed through a stronger 8-plate clutch. Similarly, the CR25OR benefits from a larger airbox, rejetted carb, a new cylinder and head design, refinements to the power valve, and a new pipe to provide even more power in the upper half of the power band. Race-proven, dual radiators cool both engines.

CR ergonomics received a lot of attention in the off season. To complement the narrower profile of the frames, the completely new seats are moved forward and have a slimmer, flatter profile with softer density foam. The footpeg location is adjusted and a new, higher-bend handlebar positions the rider for optimum comfort and control. Like the 1999 CR250R, this year's 125 receives a rubber-mounted handlebar to minimize bump-impact effect and vibration.

CR250R ($5,799 Sept.)
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CR500R, CR80R, CR80R-Expert
Honda's CR500R, the best-selling open-class motocrosser ever, returns for 2000. Rounding out Honda's exciting CR lineup are the CR80R and CR80R-Expert. Like their all-new CR125R and CR250R siblings, these CRs feature new Team Honda-inspired bodywork and graphics.

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