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1998 ARCTIC CAT Snowmobiles

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Just when you think something can't get any better, Arctic Cat goes and does it again. For 1998, Arctic Cat has applied more of their revolutionary snowmobile technology to the Cat line-up, like lending the AWS V front end to more models and expanding the production of hot engines like the lightweight case-reed inducted 500s. But Arctic Cat has gone beyond that with additions like a 2-inch deep lug track on most of the Mountain Cats and the new Arctic drive clutch and Arctic roller cam driven clutch.

Arctic Cat's FasTrack Long Travel Suspension System is one of the reasons snowmobiling feels so good on a Cat. FasTrack gives the most rear suspension travel in the industry. ETT provides increased area for the full range of rear suspension travel without raising the rider's position, keeping their center of gravity low and in control. The unique Torque Sensing Link is technology that will take the competition some time to figure out ... this link uses the torque of the track to counteract the compression of the rear arm during acceleration. Which means, Arctic Cat's respond faster and maintain full travel at any speed. In 1998, versions of the FasTrack can be found on every model, except the Kitty Cat; the ETT is on 17 models and the Torque Sensing Link is on 23 models.

More of Arctic Cat's models have received the innovative AWS V front suspension for the new year. The AWS V extruded aluminum bulkhead weighs 13 lbs. less than a steel bulkhead and is narrower, which allows longer A-arms for more travel. This front end can be found on the ZR 600, ZR 600 EEl, ZR 500, ZR 440, ZL 500. ZL 440, Powder Special EEl, Powder Special, Panther 440, Panther 340, and all the Jags.

For extra traction in the deep stuff Arctic Cat offers a new, aggressive 2-inch deep lug track, the deepest lug available from any manufacturer. This track not only allows mountain climbers to reach the highest peak, but also gives an unbelievably smooth ride. The 2-inch lug track is available standard with the Thundercat Mountain Cat. Powder Special, Powder Special EFI and Powder Extreme.

Added durability, strength and more consistent acceleration with increased top-end speed. is all made possible through the new Arctic drive clutch. The new drive clutch, along with all new Arctic torque sensing and roller cam driven clutches, have machined sheaves in 1998 for improved tolerances.

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Feel the roar of a new 999cc Thundercat
The world's fastest production snowmobile just got faster. The Thundercat from Arctic Cat has a lot to brag about, being the National Snowmobile Straightline Racing record holder for the last five years, but in 1998 the Thundercat received a new earth-shaking motor that not only packs a punch, but provides a new torquey-smooth ride that will leaving you aching for more.

The new and improved Thundercat now features an awesome new thee-cylinder, 999cc engine. Case-reed induction and triple pipes make 172 horsepower available at the touch of a throttle. But the Thundercat technology is so refined, you will find smooth handling no matter what speed you travel at, thanks to an internally counterbalanced motor.

Snow Week magazine said it best: "Just blipping the throttle produced an ominous, throaty, triple-piped roar. We eased the RPMs up to the 3,800 engagement and waited for a mad power rush. Instead, we were greeted with smooth, yet endless stump-pulling power. Checking the speedometer needle confirmed that we indeed made the jump to hyperspace.

The responsiveness of the 1998 Thundercat is due to several changes, the 999cc powerplant is just the start. New Fox gas shocks makes a washboard trail flat, and a new roller cam driven clutch gives quicker acceleration and added durability.

The Thundercat also sports a suspension set-up that can't be beat. In front, a proven AWS IV double-wishbone suspension that has established itself as the leader in defeating the roughest of trails. In back, the FasTrack Long Travel System, when paired with the new Fox gas shocks, improves everything from cornering to firing down the trail. The low center of gravity you find on the Thundercat heightens your feeling of control, thanks to the Extra Travel Tunnel. The Thundercat also features Arctic Cat's exclusive Torque Sensing Link, maintaining track tension throughout acceleration -- a feature you'll find useful on the power-hungry Thundercat.

Supertrax International magazine also found that the 1998 Thundercat from Arctic Cat actually weighs less than all of the competition's 800cc machines. Which makes sense, given all the lightweight components on the Thundercat. From aluminum-stamped rails to extruded aluminum spindles and plastic skis, nothing can beat the performance found on the Thundercat.

The Thundercat is also available in a Mountain Cat version. Try that 999cc engine going straight up. The Thundercat Mountain Cat features a 2-inch deep lug track for extra traction, and has aluminum rails and plastic skis for fewer pounds. And this year Arctic Cat added the unique Torque Sensing Link, important for maintaining constant track tension while you're powering through powder.

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The new ZRTs are high performance heaven
Do you seek the ultimate adrenaline rush from every ride? Do you find pleasure in being the envy of every snowmobiler on the trail? Then only the 1998 ZRT 600 or ZRT 800 from Arctic Cat will do. This pair of mean machines just keeps getting better, if you can believe that the best can still be improved.

From top to bottom, high performance machines don't get any more refined than the ZRT 600 and ZRT 800. The ZRTs are the winningest sleds in the National Snowmobile Straightline Racing series. As a matter of fact, ten of the current 20 N.S.S.R. records are owned by ZRTs, and speed run racers know, if you intend to win, you better be on a Cat.

All that race dominating power is due to two of the most sophisticated engines you will find in the industry. The ZRT 600 is powered by a 594cc three-cylinder, liquid-cooled engine with 118 horsepower to offer. The ZRT 800 sports a menacing 794cc three-cylinder, liquid- cooled motor with 150 horsepower. Both engines are case-reed inducted with NiCaSil impregnated cylinders; and both have triple-pipe exhaust. What makes all this power even smoother and more durable than previous years is Arctic Cat's new roller cam driven clutch and Arctic drive clutch. For 1998, the sheaves on the clutches are machined, to give you increased performance that just won't quit.

Arctic Cat's race-proven AWS IV double-wishbone front suspension flattens out the bumps and straightens out the curves like no other. Fox gas shocks let you go down the roughest of trails without feeling a thing; plastic skis make the trail even easier to take. And what would a ride on a Cat be without the FasTrack Long Travel Suspension System. When paired with the Extra Travel Tunnel for increased range of suspension travel, the Torque Sensing Link, for improved traction and acceleration, and 13.5 inches of travel, you won't question the performance. Even a new, deeper - lugged track (.85-inch) provides increased performance.

All these advancements ... and the ZRT 600 and ZRT 800 are still lighter than the competition. Arctic Cat saves weight on the pair by using lightweight extruded aluminum spindles housings, aluminum rails and plastic skis. So from power to weight. you will continue to leave the competition in your snow dust.

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ZR 500 and 600 are rewriting the book on power
Arctic Cat snowmobiles are known for redefining power-to-weight standards, and in 1998 Arctic Cat has rewritten the book with the all new ZR 500, ZR 600, and ZR 600 EFI. Named the 1998 Trail Performance Sleds of the Year by Sno West magazine, the ZR 500 and 600s have outdone the competition, once again.

At 16 lbs. lighter than the featherweight 1997 ZR 580 EFI, the 1998 ZR 500 and 600s are lean and mean. This extraordinary weight savings comes from new lightweight engines with a case-reed induction system and dual Mikuni VM 38 carbs. The ZRs also feature an extruded aluminum bulkhead, versus a heavier steel front end, which increases strength and sheds pounds. They also sport aluminum spindles, chrome moly A-arms and aggressive yet lightweight plastic skis. When paired with the awesome 96 and 105 horsepower (respectively) producing motors, these are machines that fly.

And the ZR 600 EFI features Arctic Cat's revolutionary batteryless electronic fuel injection system. No matter what the altitude or temperature, this Cat does all the thinking, and compensating, for you.

Our AWS V double-wishbone front suspension found on the ZR 500 and 600s was inspired by Indy Cars, which is only part of the reason it is the most envied in the industry. With Fox gas shocks and 8.2 inches of travel, this suspension takes the bumps out of a bumpy ride.

The FasTrack Long-Travel Suspension System with our exclusive Extra Travel Tunnel, offers the longest travel in the industry, 13.5 inches of travel to be precise. All that is done without sacrificing a bit of performance or handling. Arctic Cat puts their engineering to the test every weekend on the race track to ensure the kind of durability the consumer demands. All three sleds also have the Torque Sensing Link that has the competition mystified. This link maintains track tension throughout the entire range of travel and acceleration, while improving acceleration, traction and control.

And it's only fitting that the new ZRs look as advanced as their engineering. The radical new ZR hood and bellypan design features sleek aerodynamics and a powerful 3-bulb Halogen headlight not only puts more light on the subject at night, but increases your visibility in the day, too. The ZR chassis design provides a low center of gravity for optimal cornering and handling.

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Cat's ZR 440: Ride the sled that Kirk built
If you're looking for the most race-tested, race-proven sled on the market, the 1998 Arctic Cat ZR 440 is the most technologically advanced sled available off the track. No other snowmobile has more victories under its belt. After all, the ZR 440 is the brainchild of Team Arctic's Captain Kirk Hibbert, and no other snowmobile racer has more victories under his belt.

The ZR 440 has proven itself in every race condition, from hillclimb to sno-cross to ice oval, the ZR 440 is the top of the line in performance and versatility. The new look of the machine is as sleek as its reputation says. The ZR 440 is wrapped in the hot new aerodynamic hood and bellypan that debuted on the ZR 500 and ZR 600 limited models. A new three-bulb halogen headlight improves night riding, and makes you more visible at night or during the day. But beauty can be deceiving ... the ZR 440 is really a mean machine.

The 437cc lightweight, liquid-cooled twin under that aggressive new hood likes to eat yellow, blue and red machines for lunch, and with 90 horsepower, that isn't a problem. (After all, Kirk Hibbert isn't the five-time ISOC Pro 440 High Points Champion because he was riding anything but Team Green.) A new roller cam driven clutch and Arctic drive clutch harness all that power into a dependable, smooth ride.

The suspension on the 1998 ZR 440 will makes it the most race-ready sled on the trail. Up front, the new AWS V double-wishbone system gives 8.2 inches of travel. This system, inspired by Indy Cars, is mounted to a new, extruded aluminum bulkhead that saves 13 pounds over the steel version. And in snowmobiling, 13 pounds can make all the difference between winning and losing. And the package wouldn't be complete without the revolutionary FasTrack Long Travel Suspension System. The FasTrack slide-rail system has 13.5 inches of rear axle travel. This is all don't without raising your center of gravity, thanks to the Extra Travel Tunnel. And the Cat exclusive Torque Sensing Link maintains consistent track tension -- an obvious plus for getting the holeshot. But the ZR 440 wouldn't be complete without the cockpit adjustable front arm control. With this you can fine-tune your ride to the conditions without losing time.

The ZR 440 is a racing sled, and Arctic Cat cannot be held responsible for the unbelievable amount of performance it is capable of The ZR 440 is not for the weak of thumb. Ride one and leave your friends in snow dust.

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For 1998, a new ZL 500 joins the popular ZL 440
Last year, the ZL 440 could have been considered the sneakiest sled on snow, after all it did take the snowmobiling world by surprise as one of the most popular trail sleds in its first year of production. And in 1998, the ZL 440 not only has a new, aggressive look, it also gets a big brother, the new ZL 500.

The ZL 440 and new ZL 500 are a revolutionary pair of lightweight, and flickably fun trail sleds, turning plain 'ole snowmobile trails everywhere into ZL Territory. The new ZLs have the same body style as the Arctic Cat ZR series, but painted in classic Cat black and decaled in the most eye-catching colors and graphics. The new three-bulb halogen headlight improves your visibility while night riding and to other snowmobilers. It's the new, "sexy" look of snowmobiling.

But don't let the beauty of the new ZLs deceive you. The power is another thing to sit up and take notice at. The great power-to-weight ratio the ZL 440 and ZL 500 sport starts with the engines. Lightweight, twin-cylinder, liquid-cooled powerplants fed via two 36mm Mikuni carbs, in the ZL 440, and two 38mm Mikuni carbs in the ZL 500. The refined ZL 440 offers 68 horsepower; the new ZL 500 has 96 horsepower available.

The aluminum front and rear chassis is another reason the ZLs have such a great power- to-weight ratio. In front, the new AWS V double-wishbone suspension and Ryde FX gas shocks are proven at defeating the roughest of trails. The ZL 440 and ZL 500 also have a 43-inch ski stance, which makes the sled more sure-footed. And the ski travel is amazing in this pair: 10 inches of travel.

These Cats also feature the best of the FasTrack Long Travel Suspension System. With 13.5 inches of rear axle travel, you couldn't want for a smoother ride. The Torque Sensing Link maintains track tension throughout that travel and through your range of speed. Ryde FX gas shocks and Extra Travel Tunnel complete the package.

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Look for the Z 440 on race tracks everywhere
The 1998 Z 440 from Arctic Cat will be hard to miss this race season. Its awesome new styling will be spotted in the winners circle across North America in fan-cooled racing.

The Z 440 has a racing heritage that gets better every year. Everything about it is breed from Arctic Cat's race track technology. Which improves the quality of the machines on the track, and also on the trail. You wouldn't want to ride a sled that hasn't been tested in the most severe of conditions, and the Z 440 has, and emerged the winner.

The Z 440 features the proven aluminum AWS V double-wishbone suspension. This aluminum front end is 13 pounds lighter than its predecessor. To shave off even more weight, Arctic Cat added stamped aluminum rails and extruded aluminum spindles. Those are pounds that matter wherever you ride. The Z 440 also features lightweight plastic skis. Ryde RX gas shocks help conquer the moguls. And the 8.4 inches of front travel is more than 2 inches than last year's version offered.

The revolutionary FasTrack Long Travel Suspension System is another reason the Z 440 can't be beat. The Extra Travel Tunnel increases rear axle travel to 13.5 inches without raising your center of gravity, so you're always in control. Cat's exclusive Torque Sensing Link maintains constant track tension through out travel and acceleration, a great thing when you're trying to be the first off the line. And Ryde EX gas shocks ensure a smooth ride every time.

The power behind the Z is a 50 horsepower, 431cc twin. Its quick and responsive, thanks to dual Mikuni 34mm carbs. And the Z 440 has a great power band that certainly won't led you astray.

The Z 440 also sports all the other features that make it a pleasure on the trail. Features like a 10.5 gallon fuel capacity and industry-leading Wilwood hydraulic disc brakes. The total package is a high performing machine whether or on the track or the trail. The 1998 Z 440 will make you a winner.

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Hit the trail with a comfortable 1998 EXT
There's something thousands of snowmobilers know ... if you want a plush trail ride from a dependable sled, and plenty of power without compromising fuel mileage, then you had better be riding an EXT from Arctic Cat. These refined trail sleds tackle the toughest of conditions with back-saving ease, that's the reason Sno West magazine named the 1998 EXT EFI the Trail Comfort Sled of the Year.

The entire line of 1998 EXTs offers an uncompromised trail ride. From the powerful EXT Triple with unmatched power to the EXT DLX with all the bells and whistles to make your next snowmobile trip a luxury.

The EXT series suspension starts with a trail-and race proven chassis, AWS IV, set up for optimum trail performance. This double-wishbone suspension revolutionized front control in a move that still has the competition reeling. The EXT DLX features plastic skis for a little shaved weight, and the EXT EFI and EXT Triple have durable steel skis. And nothing smooths out a washboard trail like Arctic Cat's exclusive FasTrack Long Travel Suspension System. The Extra Travel Tunnel allows the EXTs to go through 13.5 inches of travel while keeping your center of gravity low, and the Torque Sensing Link maintains full travel by assuring proper track tension. Ryde FX gas shocks help flatten the trail.

The power behind the EXT comes in two mighty sizes. The EXT Triple has a race proven 594cc liquid-cooled, triple-piped block with all the rugged horsepower needed to get you to your destinations. The EXT EFI and EXT DLX share a 580cc liquid-cooled twin. The EXT EFI also features Arctic Cat's exclusive batteryless electronic fuel injection system -- one of the features that Sno West magazine liked. And for added comfort, the EXT DLX has EFI, the ZR- proven triple port exhaust, and electric start and reverse.

All the EXTs also have Arctic Cat's new roller cam driven clutch and Arctic drive clutch with machined sheaves in 1998 for added durability and strength.

Trail performance doesn't get any better than Arctic Cat's EXT series. These machines were bred to tackle the trail.

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Cougars are high performance, not high cost
One of the most legendary names in snowmobiling now comes in pairs. The high performance and economical Cougar also comes in a Cougar DLX version for 1998. Now you can choose the Cougar which best suits you, without doing a number on your wallet.

The Cougar still comes with all the features that have made it a snowmobiler's favorite for years, like a 550cc liquid-cooled, twin -- one of the most durable engines you can buy -- and a phenomenal power-to-weight ratio that makes it easy to get you up the hill and around the curves. The lightweight Cougars have a long performance history, and Arctic Cat has a habit of improving history which is why the Cougar, and the new Cougar DLX have new features like the new Arctic drive and driven clutches with all machined sheaves. And new Wilwood hydraulic disc brakes for added stopping power.

The 1998 Cougars are wrapped in Arctic Cat's race proven AWS III double-wishbone front suspension, inspired by Indy Cars. AWS III performs so well every ride feels like it's on a freshly groomed trail. Arctic Cat's revolutionary FasTrack Long Travel Suspension System can also be found on the Cougars, but with a couple extras, like Ryde FX gas shocks for more bump absorption and the Extra Travel Tunnel which allow the FasTrack system to provide 13.5 inches of travel. Both Cougars have a 39-inch ski stance for stability on the trail, and the Cougar DLX even comes with lightweight plastic skis.

Arctic Cat improved the fit and finish of the legendary Cougar. Bright blue, purple, green and orange can be found in the Cougar's decals. Full instrumentation, thumb and handwarmers, redesigned controls, handlebars and handlebar pads give that finished look. The Cougar DLX version also offers standard reverse gear and electric start.

The Cougar Mountain Cat is one of the most durable mountain sleds. A new roller cam driven clutch has given added power to the 5 50cc twin engine. And with a 136-inch extended track there is no problem staying on top. Other features of the Mountain Cat include lightweight aluminum rails and plastic skis, adding high performance while minimizing weight.

The 1998 Arctic Cat Cougar could have more appropriately been called a Chameleon, because it can take any condition you throw at it.

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No wonder the Powder Special is Sled of the Year
If you're the type of snowmobiler who just isn't satisfied until you can see the world from the top, than the only machine you'll be satisfied with is the 1998 Powder Special from Arctic Cat. Named the Sled of the Year by Sno West magazine, the Powder Special is high marks above the competition, literally.

Powered by the new lightweight 599cc twin-cylinder engine, the Powder Special and Powder Special EFI have 105 horsepower to get you through the deepest of situations. In the Powder Special, dual 38mm carbs have an altitude compensator. The Powder Special EFI features Arctic Cat's exclusive electronic fuel injection system, which not only reduces precious weight, but also increases the performance of the machine as it does the thinking and compensation for you in any altitude or temperature.

The Powder Special and Powder Special EFI come standard with the most technologically advanced deep-powder Camoplast Challenger track, a 136-inch long skin with 2- inch deep lugs, that can power you through almost anything. But don't let something this wicked-looking deceive you, this track also has a smooth ride on hardpack. The two Powder Specials also feature wide plastic skis -- wide for extra flotation, and plastic for weight savings.

And the suspension featured on the Powder Specials is nothing less than the industry- leading AWS V in the front and the FasTrack Long Travel System in the rear. The double- wishbone AWS V suspension debuted in the Arctic Cat line-up in 1997, and in 1998 in appears on more sleds. This technology, derived from Indy Cars, features an aluminum front frame -- another weight saving that will show on, and in, the powder.

The FasTrack Long Travel System that makes the entire Arctic Cat snowmobile line a smooth and enjoyable ride from start to finish, is also the rear suspension system on the Powder Special pair. In 1998, Arctic Cat also added the Extra Travel Tunnel to the sleds, this increases the amount of suspension travel the sled goes through as you ride, and also keeps your center of gravity low so you can conquer those hairpin curves. The Torque Sensing Link also found in the FasTrack system makes your traction and control even better.

The Powder Special and Powder Special EFI wouldn't be complete without their new aggressive look. The sleek, aerodynamic ZR hood and bellypan makes this pair look almost as high tech as they are. Along with eye-catching graphics and a new three-bulb halogen headlight, you'll be getting looks of envy from all your friends.

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"Extreme" doesn't come close to saying it all
There is nothing like the feeling of standing at the top of the world and looking down on all the little people. But you already know that. If you are a thrill seeker or just can't stand to be out-climbed, than you'll never be satisfied until you're on a 1998 Powder Extreme from Arctic Cat. This high-powered, high-performance beast turns the roughest hills into baby powder.

The Powder Extreme is one of the most powerful mountain sleds available. It boasts Arctic Cat's proven ZRT 600 engine -- the 594cc triple-cylinder, liquid-cooled, oil-injected powerplant with 118 horsepower. This is the very same engine that stomped on the Indy 700 RMK at the 1997 Jackson Hole World Championship Hillclimb. An altitude compensator senses pressure changes and automatically adjusts fuel flow from the carburetors, providing crisp throttle response at high altitudes.

The amazing power in the Powder Extreme is complemented by its lightweight and compact features. Features like lightweight plastic skis and aluminum spindles shave weight oft something you'll come to appreciate when you're sailing through the white stuff

The Indy car inspired AWS IV double-wishbone front suspension guides the Extreme, allowing for maximum control and maneuverability -- especially when paired with a 41-inch ski stance. And the FasTrack Long Travel Suspension System in the back gives a great ride no matter what the condition. FasTrack was improved on the Powder Extreme for 1998, now with 12.5 inches of travel. Ryde FX gas shocks and Arctic's exclusive Torque Sensing Link ensure a great ride.

And just to top it all oft Arctic Cat added a new Camoplast Challenger track with deep, 2-inch lugs for outstanding traction on the steepest of inclines.

The sky is the limit on the 1998 Powder Extreme. The word "Extreme" just doesn't explain everything this machine is capable of And you better take a book along ... once you get to the top it could be a long time before your friends join you.

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The Panteras are the Catillacs of snowmobiling
If you like having the best of everything, than you'll flip for the 1998 Arctic Cat Panteras. Arctic Cat has taken the best, and made it even better. Never again will you ever have to sacrifice comfort and style for snowmobiling touring. You may wonder how Arctic Cat could have possibly added more lavishness to the Pantera, and it starts with building another, the powerful new Pantera 800, which received the "Wolf in Sheep's Clothing" award from Snow Tech magazine for its unbelievable power and performance wrapped in classy style.

The Pantera and new Pantera 800 have everything you could ever want. Full instrumentation, electric start, reverse, mirrors, separately controlled thumb and handwarmers, 12-volt accessory outlets, high windsheilds, plastic skis, large rear-racks, plush seats and adjustable backrests are just the beginning of what they have to offer. In 1998, the adjustable passenger backrest and driver's seat has been redesigned for added comfort. There are also new passenger wind deflectors and hand warmers which are completely controlled by the passenger. And you'll appreciate a suspension system you can fine-tune for one rider or two.

High performance certainly didn't stop with the two-up seat. The Panteras offer power unmatched by any other touring sled. You'll easily pull away from the hot shots on the trail. The new Pantera 800 sports a liquid-cooled, counter-balanced 794cc engine, fed via three 38mm Mikuni carbs. The tamer Pantera has an equally impressive 5 80cc EEl engine.

And the ride? As smooth as silk. Arctic Cat's exclusive FasTrack Long Travel Suspension System and Ryde FX gas shocks offer a superior ride in any condition. And with FasTrack you don't sacrifice handling, acceleration and top-end to get more travel, there is just 13.3 inches of travel. The revolutionary Torque Sensing Link is also at work to maintain constant track tension throughout travel and acceleration, so you'll never miss a beat. And the AWS IV suspension up front soaks the bumps up until you won't know they're there.

The Pantera and new Pantera 800 are the most aggressive, yet completely luxurious touring sleds you can find. Everywhere you go, people will be asking you for a ride.

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New EXT 600 Triple Touring is traveling in style
Arctic Cat put touring in the name because you'll want to go everywhere with this new sled. The new 1998 EXT 600 Triple Touring is a welcome addition to Arctic Cat's touring line-up. A sporty, touring sled with an attitude, the EXT 600 Triple Touring is everything you could possibly want in a snowmobile -- plush and comfortable when you want to sit back and take a long ride, and aggressive when you want to dig in for something wild.

The new EXT 600 Triple Touring is based off Arctic Cat's EXT 600 Triple -- they share the same powerful 5 94cc triple-cylinder, liquid-cooled engine, fed via three 36mm Mikuni carbs for optimum fuel flow and throttle response.

The FasTrack Long Travel Suspension System featured on the EXT 600 Triple Touring is adjustable, so you can set the pre-load of your suspension for one rider or two. FasTrack is the ideal suspension no matter what conditions you're in because it doesn't forfeit handling, acceleration and top-end speed to get more travel, 13.3 inches of travel are available. The AWS IV front suspension is another reason the EXT 600 Triple Touring handles so well, keeping the plastic skis on the ground for the best control. Ryde FX gas shocks gives an extra cushion to the ride.

The EXT 600 Triple Touring is not only a high performance trail machine, it also comes with all the comforts that make an all day ride a pleasure from start to finish. The EXT 600 Triple Touring has a plush ride, due to a comfortably padded seat and a frilly adjustable backrest. There is also electric start, reverse gear, a high windshield, mirrors, separately controlled thumb and hand warmers and full instrumentation. Arctic Cat also added passenger hand warmers and wind deflectors, so everyone is cozy.

If you've ever had questions about 2-Up riding, the new EXT 600 Triple Touring is your answer, because you can have it all, an aggressive sled wrapped in a comfortable package.

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Arctic Cat introduces three Panthers to please
Some things are more fun in pairs, like taking a cruise through the country by snowmobile. And nothing could be more exciting than riding a Panther. For 1998, Arctic Cat has three Panther touring models available -- in sizes that are sure to please. The legendary Panthers are not only stylish and durable, they are also easy on the budget, so you can plan all your snow-covered trips without worrying about how much the sled will cost.

The Panther 550 leads the trio. A 550cc twin-cylinder, liquid-cooled engine with 80 horsepower is sure to take you anywhere you want to go. The Panther 440 features a fan-cooled 43 1cc engine with 50 horsepower, and the Panther 340 has a 339cc fan-cooled motor with 33 horses. Arctic Cat has built these touring sleds with enough variety that you can pick the model which best suits you.
The 550 is wrapped in Arctic Cat's proven AWS III chassis and double-wishbone front suspension. The Panther 440 and 340 models have Arctic Cat's latest version of front suspension: AWS V. But no matter which version you choose, this industry-leading suspension system has a smooth ride.

All Panthers also feature the revolutionary FasTrack Long Travel Suspension System. FasTrack is the most comfortable suspension system available, and with 13.3 inches of rear travel, you won't have to worry how your back with feel tomorrow. All Panthers also feature a suspension which is adjustable for one rider or two, simply flip the overload springs, and Ryde FX gas shocks lend added bump absorption in the rear.

The Panthers also have new handlebar pads and controls with separate hand and thumb warmer switches. The Panther 550 has wind deflectors for the passenger and standard mirrors. Don't wait any longer to take cruise together, with the new Panther trio from Arctic Cat you can't afford to spend another winter indoors.

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Jag is light in pounds and price but not in fun
Thousands of snowmobilers know ... the Arctic Cat Jag is one of the best sleds you can buy. The sportiest little sled just keeps getting better, and in 1998 the Jag family has even grown. Now Arctic Cat has four reliable, economical sleds which carry the Jag name.

The Jag 440, Jag 440 DLX, Jag 340 and Jag 340 DLX feature the new AWS V aluminum bulkhead and chassis that debuted on these sleds in 1997 and has spread to much of the Arctic Cat line in '98. This lightweight double-wishbone A-arm front is the next generation of suspension. And when matched with gas shocks and adjustable rate springs you get a great ride every time, especially with 7.35 inches of front travel. No other suspension even comes close. A 39-inch ski stance also increases the maneuverability of the Jags when you want to tackle the curves.

The rear suspension is nothing less than Arctic Cat's FasTrack Long Travel Suspension System to help smooth out the bumps and tackle the turns. On the 440 Jags, you get a plush 12.1 inches of travel, and 9.4 inches on the 340 Jags.

The Jags also have plenty of power to impress whether playing in powder or riding out the trail. Reliable and durable 339cc and 43 1cc fan-cooled twin engines beneath beautiful sculpted hoods. A VM34 Mikuni carb on the 440, and VM32 Mikuni carb on the 340 have a free-flow air intake system to provide fresh air to the carburetor for maximum engine performance.

The aerodynamically designed hood and bellypan won new fans last year, and in 1998 has increased fit and finish. You'll find nothing but smooth lines and subtle graphics to catch your attention. Both the 340 and 440 Jag DLX have standard electric start and have an eye- catching rich purple-colored hood and graduated purple seat.

With all these features it will look like you paid a fortune for a sled this good, but the Jag is one of the most economical snowmobiles on the market, and it's so reliable, you'll be riding it for years.

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The Kitty Cat is the sled of choice for kids
Your young sled-head doesn't have to wait to experience the thrill of snowmobiling. Arctic Cat makes fun for the entire family, starting with the youngest of snowmobilers. Watch your child's face light up as they take the seat of their very own snowmobile. Riding a Kitty Cat gives your child a chance to be a part of the snowmobiling excitement they see every winter, but all the safety features on the Kitty Cat also give you peace-of-mind.

The Kitty Cat is a timeless snowmobile which has been a memory-maker for families for years. It has the best resale value of any snowmobile on the market, so if you can hand it around if you don't pass it down. But you can't place a value on all the hours of fun your children will have driving their own snowmobile.

The Kitty Cat is powered by a durable 59cc single-cylinder, fan-cooled engine. The engine is governor-controlled, limiting the Kitty Cat's top speed to 8 mph or less for safe operation and features an adult-controlled keyed ignition.

What your child will like most about the Kitty Cat is how "big" it really looks. Wild colors and graphics make the Kitty Cat look fast, just like "mom's" or "dad's" snowmobile, which is bound to make the Kitty Cat, and it's driver, fit in with the entire snowmobile family.

Arctic Cat spared no detail on the safety features for the smallest member of the Cat clan. Features like a constantly on headlight and taillight and reflective tape on all sides help ease your mind. But the Kitty Cat also has an adjustable engine governor, rubber-tipped skis, padded handlebars, a manual stop switch and a removable ignition key so you can decide when riding time starts and ends. And the Kitty Cat has full front and rear bumpers that look just like the big Cats.

The Kitty Cat will teach valuable lessons in snowmobile safety and provide them with hours of safe, outdoor fun. The Kitty Cat can be just a start to a lifetime of snowmobile enjoyment -

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Work doesn't stop just because it's snowing
Arctic Cat knows that your work doesn't stop in the winter, and the engineers at Cat have created some mean work horses to help you get the work done fast so you'll have time to play, anywhere from 33 to 80 horses depending on the model.

The 1998 Bearcat 340, Bearcat 440 and Bearcat Widetrack are utility snowmobiles with an attitude, capable of any daily chores like logging, herding cattle, hauling hay and can even double as tractors with attachable tillers and other devices. In some snow-blocked areas, Bearcats are used as a main source of transportation due to their economical fuel consumption. And the best part about the Bearcats from Arctic Cat, is that they help get the work done with easy, leaving you with more time to play in the powder.

All three Bearcats feature Arctic Cat's FasTrack Long Travel Suspension System in the rear and AWS III double-wishbone front suspension. This complimenting pair makes a smooth ride out of the roughest conditions, and give you great handling and control. The Bearcats have a wide-ratio clutch for low-end pulling power and a narrow 37-inch ski stance for added maneuverability.

Added Bearcat features include a standard rack and hitch, a full, front bumper, high windshields, and new separately adjustable thumb and handwarmer switches. Plus the Bearcats also have a completely redesigned backrest for added comfort.

The Bearcat Widetrack has a 156-inch-by-20-inch track with .9-inch lugs to keep you on top of the snow and provide exceptional traction; and the Widetrack also features a plentiful 15- gallon fuel capacity so you won't have to stop between jobs.

Each Bearcat boasts enough muscle to power you through the work. The Widetrack sports a reliable 550cc liquid-cooled twin, the Bearcat 440 has a 431cc fan-cooled twin, and the Bearcat 340 features a 339cc fan-cooled twin. But no matter which Bearcat you choose, work will seem to fly by, which means you can use the Bearcat for playing in the snow.

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