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2002 Arctic Cat Overview
Probably the biggest news from Arctic Cat is their all-new 4-stroke sled. It's uses the first 4-stroke engine by a major snowmobile manufacturer. Ultra-clean, ultra-quiet and ultra-efficient describes the three cylinder 660cc liquid-cooled 4-stroke C TECH 4 engine. Two models, the "Touring" and "Trail" machines signify a new kind of snowmobiling.

Just as noteworthy is the addition of Arctic Cat's exclusive batteryless EFI system that makes its way to the punchy 800 motor creating an ultimate twin. The 800 EFI will power the ZL 800 EFI models, ZR
800 EFI models, Pantera 800 EFI and Mountain Cat 800 EFI.

Engine technology is not limited to just liquids for 2002. Arctic Cat proudly welcomes the addition of the all-new 570
fan-cooled twin as well. Producing 70 horsepower with excellent low and midrange torque, the 565cc case-reed inducted twin sets the new standard for fan powered performance. It will move the two 570 models, Panther 570 and the Mountain Cat 570.

The era of truly active suspension is here. Utilizing an electronically controlled valve inside both shocks on the rear
suspension and a microprocessor that takes 1000 readings per second. The new Smart-Ride Suspension automatically reacts to shock position and velocity to offer a full-range of active damping. It's a new skid that handles a full range of trail conditions and it sets a new standard for adjustable suspension.

Moving off the trails and heading up, mountain riders get more too. High Mountain Handlebars. The new bar features a taller, semi-rigid plastic grab bar and snocross-inspired hooks for ultimate control when maneuvering.

All-new Windshield-Mounted Mirrors offer an easy-to-find location that's within the typical field of view. The new design will keep your mirrors firmly in position, regardless of terrain.

And what new lineup would be complete without a little something from the race track. Found on all ZR and ZL models will be wide running boards for un-compromised foot traction. Another cue taken from the Sno Pro sleds found on all 2002 ZRs are the Sno Pro Adjustable Handlebars providing nearly-unlimited adjustability.

Arctic Cat 4-Stroke
A new kind of snowmobiling

Listen carefully. Did you hear it? The Arctic Cat 4-Stroke. They're here. An Industry first that's now a part of the
Touring and Trail lineup from a company that's known for pioneering innovations on snow.

Both machines get their power from a three-cylinder C TECH 4 engine that features EFI, four valves per cylinder (Dual Overhead Camshaft), wet sump lubrication, and electric start. An engine that's so quiet, you'll hear noises not typical from a snowmobile such as the sound of skis cutting through the snow and ice. The 660cc three-cylinder four-stroke with electronic fuel injection runs cleanly and efficiently on straight regular-grade fuel averaging 20-25 mpg making fuel stops far less frequent.

And with 45 horsepower, its engine creates enough torque to allow for smooth acceleration up to touring speed. Its weight is comparable with other touring class units. Simply put, it represents the future for many riders who deman
d the cleanest, quietest "performance" available.

Placed in the Panther chassis with a 136-inch track, the Arctic Cat 4-stroke "Touring" model gets reverse and the innovative 2-up detachable seat that provides comfort when riding solo or with a passenger. Its all-new windshield mounted mirrors will stay put, regardless of terrain. What's more, with its superb gas mileage and large 13-gallon tank, you'll now be able to travel further distances.

Also found in the ZL chassis with 121-inch track and 1-inch lugs for solo enjoyment, the Arctic Cat 4-stroke "Trail" model offers a proven Extra Travel Tunnel which allows maximum suspension travel, with a low center of gravity for improved handling.

Both models feature AWS V front suspension for a smooth ride and responsive handling and Arctic Cat's FasTrack Long-Travel Rear Suspension system with Torque Sensing Link. And for a look that's as unique as their engines, they both be sport a nice new Aspen Metallic color.

The Arctic Cat 4-Strokes. Touring and Trail. Not just a new kind of snowmobile, it's a new kind of snowmobiling. For 

Arctic ZR's
Continue to stretch the lead in 2002

Each year Arctic Cat's new line of ZR's are put under a microscope by faithful consumers as well as competitors. What they're looking for is simple. They all want to find out what Arctic Cat took from the race track and made into production. They want to see technology at its finest. For consumers, it's a measure of their fun factor.

There are now two leaders of this green brigade. The ZR 800 and the all-new for 2002, ZR 800 EFI (Motorsports Networks' favorite overall sled during our 2002 testing. Producing a claimed 140 convincing ponies, both are powered
by a 785cc, liquid-cooled twin with exclusive Arctic Power Valves for a broad power range and better out-of-the-hole acceleration.

The combination of Arctic Cat's industry exclusive batteryless EFI and the most powerful 800 twin available creates quite possibly, the ultimate trail sled. What's more, both sleds receive the new, race inspired, wide running boards and Sno Pro handlebars that are adjustable for your comfort and individual riding style.

These two dynamos are proudly flanked by the ZR 600 and ZR 600 EFI. Eliminating main jet changes and automatically compensating for temperature and altitude changes, the lightweight ZR 600 with batteryless EFI starts easily and requires low throttle effort. And just like the 800's, both the ZR 600 and ZR 600 EFI receive the all-new adjustable Sno Pro bars and wide running boards for better footing.

Rounding them out is the ZR 500 - back with Arctic Power Valves (APV) that provide excellent throttle response, increase peak performance over a wide rpm range and offer better fuel economy with reduced sound. The 500 also gets the Exhaust Pipe Temperature Sensor (EPTS). EPTS feeds exhaust temperature to the three dimensional (3D) digital ignition, which automatically uses one of five different timing maps to provide optimum ignition timing for any given temperature. The result is crisp, consistent engine performance at all temperatures. The 500 also has new bars and wide boards.

Giving the line of ZR's their control is the AWS V front suspension and FasTrack Long-Travel Rear Suspension System with Extra Travel Tunnel (ETT) and Torque Sensing Link (TSL) plus Arctic Cat High Performance shocks,
front and rear. These shocks feature internal floating pistons and a Melonite coating that reduces friction.

All ZR's sport new green pans and plastic skis that are firmly set in a 43-inch stance for stability when it's time to shred. 12 gallon fuel tanks and 3-bulb halogen headlights are also standard.

Arctic Cat's Triples
Offering more refinements for 2002

In every group of riders there's always the one who must finish first. Always the first to eat. The one who needs to be noticed, not afraid to throw around his weight. The schoolyard bully.

Arctic Cat is no different. Claimed to be the most powerful production snowmobile manufactured to this day. The Thundercat has been unchallenged for years and is getting friendlier with each passing year.

The 2002 Thundercat sits atop an industry first. It now features the new suspension system known as Smart-Ride Suspension. Its computerized shock absorbers in the FasTrack rear suspension make 1000 readings per second to give you a plush ride and to handle a full range of trail conditions with ease. Up front, Arctic Cat's AWS V double-wishbone takes out the jolts as well as bump steer and scrub.

Reverse gear, wide running boards and a deeper, one-inch lug track are also new to the 2002 Thundercat.

The Thundercat boasts a 999cc case-reed inducted, liquid-cooled triple, with triple Mikuni TM carbs, triple pipes,
NiCaSil-plated cylinders for a leading power-to-weight ratio, and an exclusive counterbalanced shaft for smoothness.

The 2002 ZRT 600 returns with a whole new look. This three cylinder mill features case reed
induction, liquid-cooling, triple pipes and flat side TM carbs. The race proven Arctic Power Valves introduced last year give this 600 better acceleration, mid-range power and better fuel economy. Their low maintenance is thanks to the valves self cleaning cycle not to mention the reduction of sound output that's achieved.

This triple rests softly on AWS V up front and FasTrack Long-Travel Rear Suspension System in back with Extended
Travel Tunnel (ETT) and Torque Sensing Link (TSL) providing just the right amount of track tension. The ZRT 600 comes with hydraulic disc brakes and lightweight plastic skis with carbide runners, as well as side seat pads for added comfort when working the corners.

If it's the unique growl and performance that turns your thoughts to the snow, check out a high performance triples
from Arctic Cat.

Mountain Cat
Lineup goes deeper

Coming off a good year, one might think Arctic Cat might have relaxed a bit, think again.

The 2002 lineup of Arctic Cat Mountain Cat's are back with a vengeance and are poised to pounce. At the top is the Mountain Cat 1000. The 999cc case-reed liquid-cooled triple with counterbalancer now spins a new 151-inch long track with 2-inch lugs. The 1000 features TM flat slide carbs with throttle position sensor (TPS) for lightening-quick acceleration and low throttle effort for un-compromised thumb comfort when working the steeps.

Arctic Cat has just upped the ante in the 800 twin class with the addition of the 800 EFI twin. Offering the industry's only batteryless electronic fuel injection system that automatically compensates for altitude and temperature changes, it's quite possibly, the ultimate powder sled. The Mountain Cat 800 features Arctic Power Valves (APV), wraps a 144-inch track with 2-inch lugs and offers up a huge 140 convincing ponies.

The 600 EFI is back in 2002 with the electronically-controlled Arctic Power Valves (APV) spinning a 136-inch track with 2-inch lugs.

The Mountain Cat 500 hits the snow with Arctic Power Valves and the race proven Exhaust Pipe Temperature Sensor (EPTS). EPTS feeds exhaust temperature to the three dimensional (3D) digital ignition, which automatically uses one of five different timing maps to provide optimum ignition timing for any given temperature. The result is crisp, consistent engine performance at all temperatures. This 500 roosts by way of a 136-inch track with 1.6-inch lugs.

For those preferring a fan-cooled powerplant as their mode to reach higher elevations, Arctic Cat has added the MC 570. The largest fan of them all - the all new Mountain Cat 570 features a 565cc fancooled twin with dual curbs throwing a 136-inch track with 1.4-inch lugs.

What's more, all 2002 Mountain Cats offer new raised mountain handlebars for improved control, at-a-glance clear gas tanks with cover, not to mention bold new colors so as not to mistake just exactly who's up there in the clouds. Also across the board, you'll find Arctic Cat's revolutionary plastic parabolic skis for better flotation and carving when in deep; higher, wider running boards for improved sidehilling; and Mountain Tapered Tunnel that eliminates trenching.

Performance Trail
Arctic Cat enters computer age

The performance characteristics of a ZR but with the added comfort you would expect from a trail machine. That
defines the line of ZLs. And with the variety of engine packages, colors, bump absorbers and features in 2002, rest assured there's a ZL made for you.

Compute this. An all-new Smart-Ride Suspension system which incorporates a microprocessor in both shocks of the FasTrack Long Travel rear suspension. They actively adjust the damping rate of the shocks at a pace of 1000 readings per second to the trail, so you'll always have just the right amount of stiffness or dampening in your shocks. Found on both the all-new ZL 800 EFI "SS" and the ZL 600 EFI "SS". Whether the trail is full of nagging stutter bumps or studded with big bumps, the new Smart-Ride Suspension will give you a plush ride.

Available in both the new Molten Metallic or traditional black and green, these Arctic Power Valved sleds get the advantages of the batteryless electronic fuel injection system for easy starts and responsiveness and like all ZL models for 2002, new race-inspired, wide running boards. Included with the 600 EFI "SS" is a 1-inch track and Arctic Cat (IFP) shocks.

Claiming all the bells and whistles are the ZL 800 EFI esr and ZL 600 EFI esr. These two comfort kings receive Flex Drive electric start, reverse, Ryde FX gas shocks, the industry's only batteryless electronic fuel injection system, hydraulic disc brakes, a new GunMetal color and all-new windshield mounted mirrors.

The ZL600 features power valves for excellent throttle response, increased peak performance over a wide rpm range and better fuel economy.

Those preferring the history of tradition, two bullet-proof 550s make it back into the 2002 lineup as well. The ZL 550 and the ZL 550 esr equipped with Arctic Cat's industry leading AWS V independent front suspension with Ryde-FX shocks. In the back, making each mile feel like your first, you'll find Arctic Cat's FasTrack Long-Travel Rear Suspension System with Extra Travel Tunnel (ETT) and Torque Sensing Link (TSL).

The ZL 500 is claimed to deliver a whopping 97 horsepower, great torque and fuel mileage thanks to Arctic Power Valves and Exhaust Pipe Temperature Sensor (EPTS).

Take to the trails this winter in comfort and style on any one of Arctic Cat's trail taming ZL's and you'll quickly discover what snowmobiling's all about.

Family of Zs
Snowmobiling at its most affordable

The family of Z's from Arctic Cat just got bigger with the addition of a whole new engine including a host of exciting new enhancements to the suspension department and ergonomics. Still worry free and economical, dollar for dollar, the 2002 line of family trail sleds offer value and excitement.

Taking the spotlight for much of the praise is the all-new 570 fan-cooled twin engine which can be found in three of the Zs from Arctic Cat. The Z 570, Z 570 esr with electric start and reverse, and the Z 570 "SS" which features the new Smart-Ride Suspension suspension system. Its computer controlled shock absorbers make 1000 readings per second to give you the plushest ride available on any trail, handling a full range of trail conditions with the utmost of ease.

All three new fans feature a 565cc fan-cooled twin with twin carbs producing a claimed 70 horsepower while maintaining excellent fuel efficiency. New, windshield mounted mirrors come standard on the 570 esr which better retain their position eliminating the need for adjustment. Blow molded plastic skis will guide all 2002 Z models, producing less friction and improved cornering. Likewise, all 570s come standard with swaybar.

The Z440 and Z440 es have a 431cc fan-cooled engine with punchy twin 34 VM carbs offering 50 horses and good fuel economy.

Supplying the power for the Z370 and Z370 es is a 367cc fan-cooled engine with a proven reputation for reliability, responsiveness, and efficiency.

All seven models have an AWS V industry exclusive independent front suspension creating 8.4 inches of ski travel on a 41-inch ski stance. Adjustable pre-load springs can be set for a variety of riding conditions and the lightweight extruded front end is welded for maximum rigidity.

The rear suspensions on the Z models is Arctic Cat's FasTrack Long Travel Rear Suspension system with 13.5-inches of travel. The Extended Travel Tunnel keeps your center of gravity low to improve cornering and give you a better ride. It's a combination that gives equal superior handling and control with long travel.

For an affordable family trail machine with the technology and excitement, check out Arctic Cat's family of Zs.

Arctic Cat sets par in luxury in touring
A great snowmobile will capture a riders undivided attention and make them wonder if it was designed specifically for them. For 2002, Arctic Cat accomplished this by offering niceties and technology that's one-of-a-kind leaving other manufacturers asking'd they think of that?

For 2002, riders wanting everything and a little extra in a touring machine will look towards the Pantera 800 EFI, now featuring an all-new engine. It's a 785cc, 140 horsepower touring marvel with the added benefits of Arctic Cat's batteryless electronic fuel injection system which automatically compensates for all temperature conditions and altitude changes, for worry-free operation and it's easy on the throttle thumb.

Just as impressive is the Pantera 600 EFI. It shares the added benefits of the industry's only electronic fuel injection system and includes Arctic Power Valves (APV) that provide excellent throttle response, increased peak performance over a wide rpm range, better fuel economy for long hauls, and reduced sound.

There's also the Pantera 550, which features a reliable, liquid-cooled power plant offering great performance riding solo or with a passenger. All three Panteras will give riders the added convenience of Arctic Cat's luggage friendly, adjustable two-passenger seat that's detachable when it's time to go it alone.

All-new windshield mounted mirrors for no-compromise positioning are standard as well. All Panteras are equipped with electric start, reverse, heated passenger grips, accessory outlet and electronic fuel gauges, not to mention a new black-cherry color.

Those looking for new engine technology and great value will find it in Arctic Cat's Panther models as well. The Panther 570 esr and Panther r are both powered by a new 565cc fan-cooled twin dishing out 70 horses with room for two including rack. They both share a smooth ride thanks to the AWS-V front suspension and FasTrack Long Travel rear suspension with 13.3-inches of travel. Standard are blow molded plastic skis, with a 41-inch stance.

The Panther 440. Ability for two and then some, this 440 is a great ride when learning how to experience the countryside. Ryde FX gas shocks and fiberglass overload springs on the rear to smooth out life's bumps, a 3-bulb halogen headlight and a 13 gallon tank to get you there and back.

ZR 120
Youngsters get more to smile about

The ZR 120 keeps getting more and more like its elders. It includes features that constantly remind youngsters just why their thoughts keep turning to the garage instead of the TV as the leaves outside begin to take color.

A quick glance at one of these mini ZRs is all it will take for youngsters to notice a host of exciting new changes, including the stylish race-style windshield complete with white number plate. Other outward attractions are the eye-catching race graphics just like dad's full grown ZR and notorious can't-miss ZR green that now coats the rails, skis and handlebars providing a whole new attitude making junior the talk of the neighborhood.

Under the hood, the ZR 120 sports a 120cc fan-cooled, four stroke engine that is quiet, fuel efficient with low emissions and is easy to start in all temperatures. And for safe operation, the engine is governor-controlled to 8 mph.

Youngsters grabbing a handful will undoubtedly notice under-the-hood enhancements to the 2002 ZR 120 which include a 160cc cam shaft and stiffer intake and exhaust valve springs. Rounding out the changes are new plastic skis now guiding this mini ZR as well as a longer, race style brake lever providing plenty of stopping power.

Teaching youngsters how to tackle their first series of mini-moguls will be accomplished by a spring controlled rear suspension that's adjustable for varying weights and offers 4.5 inches of travel. Up front is the true "AWS" with coil over shock and spring design, just like the big boys, that offers 3 inches of travel.

The 120 has the ZR style and flair with full front and rear bumpers, and an aluminum unibody chassis so it's lightweight yet strong. Padded handlebars and a constant-on headlight and tail light with reflective tape on all sides of the machine give added security.

For long life of the drive train, the ZR 120 has a heavy duty drive clutch and chain for maintenance free fun. It also features an external gas fill and deep-lug track. What's more, a removable key ensures that parents control.

Bearcat WT
A purpose-built sled for all occasions

For some, snowmobiling is simply a means to an end. A way by which to get the job done. Jobs that demand unique features in a snowmobile. For those falling in this category, Arctic Cat offers a machine that's as unique as the individuals who depend on them - The Bearcat WT - for wide track.

The Arctic Cat Bearcat WT is the ultimate workhorse designed for the worker and offers features for fun when the workday is finally finished. It's powered by a 550cc liquid-cooled engine that is lightweight, dependable, and provides consistent response and power in all temperature conditions. Equally matched to engine power, it's track is 20 inches wide and 156 inches long with 1 inch deep lugs.

The suspension is Arctic Cat's exclusive FasTrack Long-Travel rear suspension system giving you an outstanding ride for the fast haul home when trying to get back in time before dinner turns cold. Up front, Arctic's AWS V double-wishbone suspension provides 6-inches of travel. To stay afloat and to allow for more towing capacity and maneuverability in the deep stuff often encountered hard at work, the Bearcat's lightweight, wide plastic skis are set in a 37inch stance.

Workaholics will find comfort knowing the Bearcat's wide-ratio driven clutch provides good pickup for those last three logs you just couldn't leave behind, and added mobility in deep snow.

Trips into the wilderness won't have to be cut short thanks to the extra range provided by the whopping 15-gallon fuel tank.

And for increased mobility, the Bearcat comes standard with reverse, and sports front bumpers, with a full wrap around design and rear racks followed by a trailer hitch for work ability. The extra high windshield design for more comfortable riding will protect you against the elements while hood screens do the same for the engine compartment. For those lucky enough to recruit help, the two passenger seating allows for plenty of room.

If you have a lot to do, you'll find all the right features in a Bearcat WT from Arctic Cat.

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